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does anybody else suffer from this?!

I use to suffer from panic attacks, I'm now convincing myself I have a brain tumor, I get slight headaches, feel sickly, feel dizzy, I'm 22 and putting it down to anxiety. I dwell on everything! I think I have every illness going, I typed in my symptoms in google and anxiety came up?! please tell me if anyone is going through the same as me. thank you

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Hi Lillymai.

I have also been in the same situation as you.I used to think every little ache or pain was some thing much more serious.It turned out that I was suffering from anxiety and thanks to my GP was given medication and she also reccomended a course of therapy which was so helpful.If you have'nt been to see your GP please go.The sooner you get help the better.

take care Kenny-w


thankyou for you reply, is the symptoms just mind games? I've now booked an appointment with the doctor, do you still get the headache and dizziness?


Hi Lillymai,

The symptoms of headaches, feel sickly, feel dizzy, are all anxiety related, but it is important to check with the doctors, for your own peace of mind.

Yes it is a mind game, and we are loosing it, lol, who is winning I still have no idea.

We wind ourselves up by not just thinking, catastrophising, but then we act on the thoughts, and that gives our body permission to release adrenaline and this causes more symptoms.

Its a cycle of thought worry adrenaline action.

I've always held the belief if we can do this negative stuff so well, that I'm sure we can think positive stuff just as well if we practice, then we will be getting fed up with feeling so good all the time. :-)

wishing you well



Welcome to the wonderful world of health anxiety! nhs.uk/conditions/hypochond...


I have panic attacks and alsorts of anxieties. My panic attacks started with shortness of breath, I was convinced I was going to die, so A and E used to put me on a nebuliser, this worked wonders. Over the years they have gotten worse, to the point were I can not breath in or out and I feel like im suffocating. My last 1 has to be the worse 1 ive ever had and I ended up in A and E with a suspected heartattack. How the mind works is unbelievable.

I had fallen on some gravel and badly cut my knee, I washed it out and although there was a hole in my knee I didn't want to go to the hospital, so I took care of it myself. Anyway, briefly, I had convinced myself I had caused a clot in my leg, my leg had really swollen up, I waited all night alone, crying, praying that I would be ok and in the morning I phoned my little boys dad and explained the situation, whilst waiting for him, I kept going dizzy, I had pains in my chest, a tightening up my neck and by the time he arrived I had convinced myself I was dead.

He immediately took me to A and E, this scared me as he did look very worried. The A and E was packed but I was taken in straight away, which worried me even more. Anyway, after hours of tests, questions and x-rays, the nurse came over to me and said, 'this is the worse case of anxiety, which has brought on a panic attack, that I have ever seen.' and I was discharged.

So yes, this has affected my life in many ways.

I wish well and hope you find something that works for you



hey cheekipixi, that sounds terrible, I was out 4years ago on my friends 19th birthday, I lost my friends and I got mugged... that was when I first experienced my panic attacks, I suffered a further two years off them to the point where I wouldn't leave my house, go out with friends & I could never sleep, I was making myself ill with it, when I had my daughter I went to my doctor in bits convinced I was dying & that I wouldn't see my daughter grow up, he signed me up to see a councillor, that helped a lot! eventually I become normal again, but.. now it's come back with vengeance! but I don't panic as where I use to, I've convinced myself I've got a brain tumor, just because I get a slight headache, then I conscience myself I feel dizzy, so I make myself get in a state by searching "brain tumours" and then I'm like 'yes I have all these symptoms' so then I panic, cry, keep myself in, don't socialise with anyone, get emotional, get angry! it's a horrible feeling, I drive myself insane with it, every ache or pain I get I freak out, I can't go anywhere on my own as I think I'm going to pass out and make a total embarrassment of myself, I was a sting level headed hard working girl, now I'm a mess! I've not been on a girlie holiday for three years. anxiety and panics attacks have ruined my life! x


Yep This is just like me I deam bad things one pain on me it's the worst thing and I am not going to see my kids grow up I get all kinds of nervous jittery feelings I get headaces weak mucles all sorts I feel worried about everything mainly my Heath it's the worst feeling ever I am not the normal happy person I use to be. I even worry if I don't do something one one something bad will happy feel like I losing it. So I am thinking what's going on with you is anxiety. I haven't been told I have this but thinking it's what I am going on after reading and talking to ppl with anxiety. I really understand now what these poor ppl feel it's do not nice all the best x


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