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Hi everyone nice to meet you all here ☺ive been suffering from asthma, major depression amd anxiety since i was a kid , however properly diagnosed only as an adult. Am on nardil 90mg (old school med, MAOI) and seroquel 175mg-daily for 2 years. I dont like the maoi due to having to keep it in refrigerator and restricted diet such as no soy, no tofu etc. Makes travelling a pain and means lots of meals are restricted. However MAOI is only depression med that worked at all.

Depression is sorta kinda under control but always struggling with anxiety-was on benzos for long time and took myself off with psychiatrist permission as they werent helping.

I do mediation daily, breathing exercises, exercise by walking 3-4 times a week,have done all this for long time

But i still have so many symptoms of anxiety that im struggling with despite it all, so im hoping to learn coping strategies, good anxiety meds info from here, and get my life back.

Thanks for listening Breathe

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If you are inhaling asthma medicine if can give you anxiety and make sure you rinse your mouth out with water so you don't sallow any medicine. As far as anxiety it is very hard to code, I know because I get it bad everyday, try not to think about things and keep yourself busy. Sometimes I just listen to music. Hope you feel better.


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