Does anyone else feel like this?

Hi for the past 5 months I've been suffering from anxiety that I keep telling myself is not possible to be just anxiety. I feel like whatever triggered this made me such a nervous person... last night I was watching a motivational clip online to try to calm my tension and nervousness that I get every night.. And out of no where my boyriend jumped or twitched which would normally not bother me. But ever since I've been having this weird nervousness I guess it really got to my nerves and I jumped so high and had pins and needles on my feet and got super tense and scared as if I were about to go into shock or something. I felt like my reaction was so intense to a stupid twitch. I'm scared to think how I'll react if something bad actually happens to someone or scary happens how will I react? 

I've been trying to deal with my anxiety and so far during the day it's not as bad but at night I'm fighting my nervousness and weird sensations in my body to fall asleep. I do also feel like my breathing is a little shallow but my main concern in how jumpy I am and how tense and nervous I get over a little surprise that would have never scared me before. 

I'm 24 years old I used to drink almost every weekend before my first anxiety episode happened which was pretty severe but I'll post about that on a different post. 

Anyways I've quit drinking for 5 months but symptoms of nervousness and uneasiness don't seem to want to go away completely yet :( 

I changed my diet 

Don't watch anything scary (because I can't anymore I get all my symptoms back if I do) which is really annoying but it happens. 

I'm surprised my boyfriend still loves me..

I've changed so much I'm

So uptight and nervous about any feeling I get and always feel weird or something and I just want to sleep without being scared that somethings about to happen to me. 

I don't get heart racing symptoms or chest pains ever so sometimes I feel like it's more a neurological thing than just anxiet but I really hope it's not..

Someone please tell me this is normal or something thank you 


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  • Hi there, i can relate to a lot of this, I get scared so easy or people make me jump, I think this is a lot to do with being on high alert or more aware of things.

    I'm 26, don't watch scary things as it raises my anxiety. My anxiety is often worse in the afternoon/evenings. Are you getting any help from the doctor or anything? X

  • I just bought this natural medicine for anxiety called calm now and it seems to be working. I won't rely on it but it's nice to have something that helps me relax without getting nervous as soon as I'm sleepy 

  • My first pa ic attack was just that, I could t sleep because I was in complete fear something would happen.  Kep feeling as though something unseen was afflicting me since it just came out of nowhere and I didn't know anything about panic attacks.  Well nothing really happened  other than the sensations that take a while to go away.  But I started realizing what this is and why I keep getting g to that point and it is fear induced from some little thought or something that triggers that thought.  Yeah my panic started this morning an hour before I had to go to work, had to call my sister to talk me down.  I know it is anxiety though since I've been tested by medical a few times.  It is frustrating though, buy Im slightly feeling better.  I also stopped watching horror movies, but I think some of my deep setter fears were placed on me as a kid and it is an irrational fear but woah my head keeps taking me there and it makes it difficult to concentrate and remind myself that I shouldn't be afraid.

  • Do you recommend anything to help calm down the mind at night?

  • Drink some chamomile tea. It calms your body down and relaxes you so you can sleep better. I drink about 4 cups a day and it has helped me tremendously.

  • Well I started with something kinda silly, just putting on some comedies at night, some sorta feel good shows and just fall asleep to it.  It's helped me, but I also had to steer away from drinking and sleeping late. Yep I took that route for a while trying to numb this but in the morning I think it just made me feel worse. But yeah somehow having something on in the background while I slept gave me some kind of ease.

  • Hi peaceandfaith,  you are certainly not alone in feeling wired all the time.  Any fast movement, loud noise, doorbell ring makes me jump and makes my stomach drop. Even as we learn to control our anxiety from going into panic, our nervous system is still on "high alert".  This will get less as we learn different techniques to quiet our mind and body.  I use deep breathing automatically when getting startled.  It works immediately.  I don't have trouble going to sleep because I use deep breathing and listen to a relaxation tape before falling asleep as well as first thing in the morning in order to avoid morning anxiety.  Hope this helps.   x

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