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Does anyone get this

Hi all does anyone with anxiety or OCD have this horrible feeling that something bad going to happen and they have this thoughts and you really wants to say no but u feel when u say no it's like your brain at a freeze and you brains bullying you saying if you don't make a decision that horrible thought will happen then that courses me More anxiety and your trying say what you wanna say all along and that's is all these foughts to not happen all what want only is these foughts not to happen but your head just in these bad feeling and foughts can anyone relate to this?

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Yes, I had these feelings horrible thoughts and freeze mind. Try meditation and exercise along with your OCD and anxiety treatment. Meditation helped me a lot to control my thoughts, I feel fresh and relaxed.


It's so disgusting horrible and frightening Because deep down I really seriously don't want any of these things to happen and it's really frightening me and I'll get really anxious And then I worry thinking what if it happens when I really DONT want it to So I have to keep saying out loud what I really do want to make sure and sign it right x do u feel Your brain bully's u bye say yeah it's what u want then u think hang on a minute it's not what I want then the anxiety kicks in and like I say you have to keep saying out loud what you what you really want to say and the truth X because deep down really just really what you saying out loud is what you want really really and that's how you want your life to be in reality for all these horrible things not to happen but that's what I want anyway x


I have read your post try and believe in yourself , they are your thoughts yes, but you know nothings going to happen take comfort in that if not anything else .


Really horrible its been happening all day where I been haveing this feelings and thoughts and horrible words going around in my head and I feel my head shouting out at me it's frightening is all this aniexty where u get horrible feelings and thoughts and head shouting out words and that and your head just shouting out at you cuz I really can't stand no more I fly to India in 2 weeks and I'm so scared I just wants be right X


Have you tried excepting the thoughts, we both know nothing is going to happen, so try for 5 minutes and say ok you win have my brain , think what you want, i will be scared but im tired of fighting, do this a few times a day and the more you accept this the less frightened you will become, i can cope i cam on this site becuase i wanted to know im not alone but i dont think we will evrr be cured only accept.


hello , i have actually been trying this since yesterday telling myself to takeover & thinking of other stuff...it has really helped me , its not as bad as it was couple nights ago but i sat there & told myself this isnt real r ill take control & put your mind to something else it will definitly help...i havent been to a dr yet , but ive been xperiencing symptoms of anxiety...its really hard to get by but you take control & it will be much better...im not saying it will go away , but its some relief


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