Upping my paxil

Since June 1i have been slowly upping Paxil from 20 mg to now at 50. I have noticed more headaches . Some days I have so much anxiety and the next day there is nothing and I have a good day. This has now been going on for 2 months. As per my Dr I can go up to 60. The last time I was on Paxil. I was able to stabilizers elf at 40 so I do not know what is going on. Has this happened to anyone else

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  • You will need to give the medication about a week to two weeks to work.

    It should settle soon, sometimes my medications cause headaches and I have just had to accept the problem. Generally because you have been upping the dose it will take a longer period, be patient and if it does not settle after the above time see your GP


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