What are some ways to calm down anxiety naturally?

I been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and depression.I find it hard dealing with it sometimes I wish I never had gone to the doctor. I feel like I was better off not knowing. I took therapy sessions for 1 year and I got cleared out of depression.. But the anxiety is still there it's so hard. I did get put on Paxil but I'm so mentally unstable in what else to do to help me keep calm. I stopped Paxil and decided to replace it with a workout?


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  • There are also some good accupressure points that help calm down the nerves. They seem to help a bit so might be worth a go.

  • I had terrible anxiety I was put on sertraline & I am good now ., I also take magnesium citrate (Google about magnesium & anxiety ) good luck !

  • I also tried Paxil and it was not the drug for me either, a workout is much better and a natural way of releasing stress. I also don't like the titles we are given , it makes it very uncomfortable, but we have to fight together to make that enemy go away. We need to be diagnosed with happiness and calmness

  • It's a lot easier to deal with "knowns" than with "unknowns". You are going about it the right way, building self-awareness and identifying "hows".

    Breathing and meditation is an excellent way to control anxiety symptoms.

    Is your anxiety related to any specific issues?

  • I understand your point but don't judge by words. I believe we all have our level of anxiety. So much no one knows about. Sorry to say.

  • noemimi, did you delete your reply to my post? I'm sure sure I saw some background details earlier; now it's disappeared?

  • Yes I decided to delete it and no longer share my anxiety issues. Thanks for your advice

  • I think the best thing to do is to get distracted by a job or a hobby or carrying for someone else.

  • my phicologist teached me a breath that helps. You take a long breath pulling the air for your nose while swells your belly, than you let the air slowly get out for your mouth. And remember situations and fears that you already faced and win, this will give you strength for new challenges

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