Is this real life?

Can this seriously all be anxiety? So I had a tonsillectomy done last week exactly. I was ok but then I feel lile my anxiety and depression have came spiraling back. I feel weak, dizzy, and so depressed. I feel lile I'm just not here but yet I am. I feel so lonely at l tikes and helpless. I'm not able to eat because of my throat and im confined to just applesauce and yogurts and water. This pain is excruciating and the pain meds dont seem to be working. Or maybe they do? I swore i had a brain tumor before this operation and my cat scan is clear. I did noy know they did one on my brain I thought it was just my throat but my discharge papers say otherwise. Could they be lying? I gets times were i get really hot and in deep lioe I have the flu and then all i want to do is cry. Could this be from not eating? Im just so scared I'm not going to be able to tolerate much more and I'm going to just fully loose it. Please someone let me know this answers. 😥 has anyone ever had their tonsils removed at an adult age?


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  • Hope you sort it out; the problem with anxiety is that the more you think about stuff the more it feeds off the negatives:( x

  • Thanks I think alot of this has to deal with not being to do anything and I just get depressed. I'm not sure its so weird like a wave of emotions hits me and then boom I'm like curled up in a ball crying

  • I've had repeat tests for the same things over the past 4 years because I don't believe them when they say the test results are negative. I think stuff like they may have mixed mine up with someone else's or not looked or done the test properly. It's our anxiety. I had a test result back Thursday for the same thing AGAIN and this time I'm forcing myself to believe it. They can't all be wrong? Everything you are saying sounds like anxiety, you need to trust the doctors and you will then be able to feel better. By the way, I had my tonsils out when I was 20, the pain was horrendous! Couldn't eat solids for two weeks it was complete agony.

  • Today has been ok. The tonsils I havent needed any pain meds today I'm so happy I can swallow a little better without feeling like I'm swallowing glass. This facial numbness has to go I keep looking up stuff for brain tumors and im so scared of it.

  • Stop looking stuff up.

  • I know its just so addicting. I think i need a live in doctor so every time I have a question I can just ask the Dr.

  • Would be great to have one ☺

  • Omg yes

  • Can we buy one? 😀

  • I hope so. I'm going to post an add. I wonder how much they cost?

  • Hey when you had ur tonsils out did u loose taste and/or smell?

  • I don't think so, but I can't really remember. I just remember the pain.

  • Ok. I can't smell or taste anything. Only like strong smells like ciggerett smoke and stuff like that. Sweet stuff tastes weird too.

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