Symptoms or am I really dying this time?

About a year ago or so I became really anxious about my health because of the amount of anixety I was going through. I began diagnosing myself with heart attacks (I would get pain in my left arm. I would run to the er because I was convinced I was going to die. Then I was convinced I had a brain tumor. Then I thought my heart condition had worsened and had to vist my cardiologist to make sure I wasn't. My last diagnosis of myself was colon cancer. I was always constipated (still am) and had a lot of mucus in my stool. I googled those symptoms and cancer popped up. I had anxiety like you could not imagine. I was a wreck until I got to a specialist. I went to a GI specialist who told me I have a constipation issue. I have had blood in my stool a few times. Finally he did a colonoscopy. My results were good he found nothing and my colonoscopy lasted about an hour. He said I may have "ulcerative colitis" but it wasn't definite. After the colonoscopy my symptoms vanished for a little while but returned when I kept getting anal pains. This sent me back into anxiety mode and I kept telling myself I cannot keep going to the doctor if all of my tests are coming back normal and doctors keep telling me im healthy. It was been about a year later since all of that and my anxiety is back because I still have the anal pains and the mucus. I did have a hard bowel movement and I can tell there was a little tear but the reason I'm freaking out is because I keep getting these sharp shooting pains that come and go in my lymph nodes. Under my arms and my groin area as well. I also get these sharp shooting pains randomly all over my body. I cannot tell whether or not my lymph nodes are swollen I don't know if I can feel them. I had these similar pains back when I had bad anxiety but I think something more serious is going on. I feel like he may have missed a tumor or something and I'm freaking out. I don't have insurance at the the moment so I can't go to the doctor right now. :(


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  • I could have cried when i read your post, in fact i'm struggling to hold back the tears as i type. i'm a constant worrier about my health, in fact i've been diagnosed with health anxiety (theres a booklet available in the uk, i think i could tick every box on it!) with me it starts off with chest pains then my brain goes into overdrive and its going to be serious eg heart attack, stroke etc so i end up at my doctors or i end up at the hospital undergoing an ECG. i had 2 ECG's in one week just recently. and to top it all off i have to have a heart CT scan to check for calcification and furring of the arteries. i suffer quite badly with constipation and with the mucus and blood like yourself and of course the brain goes into overdrive and i'm convincing myself its something more serious, i'm like this day in day out and i never get a break from it. it hinders my sleeping, my mood and i'm struggling to cope. i don't honestly know how i've managed this far. you are definately not alone in how you are feeling and i can definately sympathise with you.

    i have other health conditions too which also affect me and i have a swollen lymph node in my neck which affects my swallowing.

    Hope you feel better real soon, i do understand how you feel and its really not nice as well as being scary its also upsetting.

  • It sucks and I'm only 20 years old. I just want to be happy and stress free again :(

  • I have health anxiety and what you wrote sounds just like me!

  • I don't know what to do :(

  • Me either! It's taking over my life! It's literally stopped me since April!

  • I hate it ;(

  • Me too :(

  • I have it too! I would do anything to make it go away!

  • You have the random pains as well?

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