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Repeating old anxious conversation

Hi guys,

what my mind does is whenever I have some bad experience with anyone(The bad experience for normal people and for us is different because for us every bad and good feeling is heightened!!)or some small fight or some just anxious conversation as I am working as IT professional under so many anxious conditions and around so many people who think they are competitor of each other, managers who are rude and careless and angry and so many things!!!

But basically my problem is whatever bad experience I have after that whenever I feel alone I will just repeat those anxious scenarios in my mind and feel more anxious and in that imaginative scenario people who are in that with me I imagine them being more rude than in real life.

Finally It feels so bad after any anxious conversation in mind than it really is!!!

What I want to do is just share and want to see if anyone can relate!!!

Solution to this problem is one thing only try to stay engaged with people with whom you feel good!!!

I hope I could do that!!

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