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A day of not allowing anxious thoughts to take over


I am currently having CBT one of my tasks prior to my next visit tomorrow was to have a day were I could allow anxious or worrying thoughts to occupy my mind ...that was yesterday...and a day were I don't allow the thoughts and anxieties to come in...today is the none anxious thoughts day...

I thought it best to get out today to give myself a chance...so I've come to a favourite hotel nearby for coffee and brought along my iPad...invariably my frame of mind here is good and that helps....

I am mostly anxious thought free....apart from thinking when am I going to be ready to look for a job, rather than it be an anxious thought I am rationalising with it...I believe it will realistically be at least another couple of months....I've come to terms with that now, after thinking initially I would be out of work a couple of weeks....I have got to thinking about my survival during this non work period and right now as long as my Dr signs me off as I require I will be fine with that but will he?? Not sure how long they will allow me to receive the benefits that are sick pay.......hmmmmm I'm now worrying....and when I worry I need the answers to stop it...

Right I'm going to look around and take in the scenery, the voices in the background of the people having coffee and having meetings, there are not many people here just a few...their conversation takes me away from my thoughts....is this about control???? Controlling of the negative thoughts....

Thinking about having a cigarette now....


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Hi Sue,

Good luck.

I'm sitting in a cafe having coffee before braving work.

My mind is quite quiet today but my body .... I feel so ill I just want to lie down on the floor. (Decided against that - might worry the other customers!!!) am trying to tell myself it's just anxiety not the onset of some terrible illness!!! Trying to be positive.

Hope it works for you too.



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Thanks Lizard....

Sorry to hear your not feeling too good...

Yes I agree to lie down on the floor there may cause a stir haha....

I'm sure when we have worried so much we send our bodies into a state and the result is how you feel today.....the worry goes so far then stops but the body reacts....and as a result we feel ill and very very tired.....you need to treat yourself with some TLC , I hope work is ok for you and you feel better later..

Sue x

Hi Sue, as a fellow smoker I recommend going for the fag option lol!

Hope you have an anxiety free day :)

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:) that's just what I did!!



Sounds good sue

We would have to go on holiday to sit in a hotel bar , don't have hotels as such round here , other than Holiday inn :-D

My stress is in over drive , I think I an same as Liz today

Enjoy whats around you though , soak it up & tell all later


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Aw so sorry your suffering at the moment why why..

Hope your anxiety calms down soon...

Thinking of you

Sue xxx

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Do you really think the Cognitive Therapy works or is it telling us what we should know already but paying someone else to tell us. I guess in the end its our effort that counts but its not easy, no one apart from those who suffer can understand what its like to feel anxious and panicky for no reason. Deep breaths, medication, control, meditation, we no doubt know it all but its so much easier to have pain or even and injury that can be seen and will heal in the end. Wish we could all give each other a hug, I could certainly do with one. How about setting a time of day when we all think about each other and try to send some good vibes, at least we will know we are in the thoughts of others, unless they are in another time zone. Hugs from cotonroad

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Hi cotton road

Thank you for your response....I'm not fully sure about the CBT yet...it certainly helps too talk to someone who understands...I agree with you about understanding, I guess that's a great thing about this site,,

Hugs sound good :)

Sue xx

Hi Sue :) I hope your no-anxious-thoughts day has been going okay since you wrote your blog. This hotel you've mentioned sounds really nice; a nice little cosy spot away from home but where you can still blog and settle down with a coffee :) I think I need to find myself a place like outside the house :)

I know how you feel, I often manage to start worrying when I start to reflect on how free I feel from anxious thoughts... I start to think "well, there must be something I'm not addressing!" haha.

Your worries are quite similar to mine at the moment but while you're still finding your anxiety too much, I'm sure your doctor will still support you :) I'm sure if you just explain how you feel he can't stop signing you off sick, he'd have no grounds to stop the support, only you know how you're truly progressing and I've known of people who have been signed off for 10 months plus so I'm sure your doctor won't decide you've been off too long by now or anything like that!

If time off now is going to help you recuperate then it's in your, and your doctor's, best interest to allow you the time off you need as it means you'll be better prepared for work as and when you decide you can get back into it again :)

I hope you are having a nice calm evening,

Katy xx

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Hi Katy thank you so much for your response :) it's lovely

My evening is calm and my day was ok :)

Hope you are well xxx

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Glad that you had an ok day. Keep persevering Sue.

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