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Occupying the anxious mind; is there anything out there


Anyone else have issues with what to do to occupy your anxious mind. I cant seem to find anything to settle myself during the day. Ativan helps but I dont want to run to it every time. Also when the moments aren't total despair but you just want to handle everything better. When your motivation is low and your days seem long. I really need to get back to work but what in the mean time. So wishing tonight was here for the comfort of peace. Hopefully others are having better moments.

Ps. Apps and games give me more focus on anxiety than pleasure.

Writing here is helpful.


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Hi Mike,

Lately I've been going to this site called Zen Habits and finding articles that look interesting and helpful to me. These articles hold my interest and give me some good insight about what I need to do to manage my anxiety (which is mainly to accept it and allow myself to feel it, rather than fighting it). I'm also finding good insights here on improving my life in general. I hope this helps.


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I've also found writing about my feelings in my journal to be helpful.

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Thanks teemo1 I will look into this. I appreciate you taking your time to reply on this. Much appreciated.

I'd watch something on tv I know I liked that makes me laugh, pray, do something on my phone. And yes the journals is a good way to track your journey.

Thanks kindly. All of those are good. I wish I had more faith for prayer. Trying.. faith is a great thing for believers. Trying my best with religion. I want to believe and have the faith to rest my worries in.

I belong to Audible and listen to books.

I keep my phone and bluetooth nearby. If i wake with anxiety and my mind racing I tune into my book. I always look at what chapter I am on because I will fall asleep and lose track. Its been my salvation.

Yes, it's audio books for me too.

This morning is so stressful with anxiety. I just want this to get under control. Doctors appt on wed will try for a new medication hopefully. Ativan is not cutting it. Helps briefly but not for any great amount of time. Really over worked thinking and worrying.

I don't know about you but I find crafts extremely beneficial, just having some project in the back of your mind that you can turn to in order to pull yourself away from those whirlpools of negative self-talk. I guess the audiobook thing kinda works the same way. Really anything that you enjoy doing that isn't mindless would be beneficial. It's also nice to have something to show for it. I just gave my little sister a dress that I upcycled for her B-day and it was super rewarding to see how much she enjoyed the thing that I made.

Thank you. I find it hard to get into anything. Chatting on here is perhaps is helpful. I appreciate you all.

I get it. I'm always flipping between hobbies, I never have just one project going at a time. I'm currently working on 5 craft projects, a visual novel/strategy game, and a book I'm writing with some friends. I'm also remodeling my bedroom. Of course, I'm not doing all those things at once, I flip between them. A couple of my craft projects and the book writing haven't been touched in a couple months actually.

You soindbhigjky functional with your anxiety. I need to get back to that level.

My anxiety is mild, it’s not even officially diagnosed. What’s more prevalent for me is my adhd, but when the two start feeding off each other things get bad.

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