what do people do when they feel a bad day coming on?

what do people do when they feel a bad day coming on?

The thing I do when I feel like I don't want to get out of bed or when I feel anxious during the day I always drag myself out of bed and do my make up all nice and pretty ! I don't know about anyone else but sometimes when I'm anxious I feel less anxious when I feel good in myself and make myself look good ? I just love taking my mind to another place and concerntrating on making myself look and making myself feel a little bit better ! I'm so interested in what other people do when anxiety comes on? Do they exercise or take a bath or go on a walk????


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  • Hi EmilyR1977, I reach for that piece of chocolate. It feels like a warm hug. It definitely changes the brain chemistry. I may watch a movie to take my mind away from the stressor. But I like your idea of doing your make up and making yourself feel pretty and good about yourself. It is so true, when I dress up, put makeup on, earrings, and wear my hair down, I feel so much better both about myself and life. :) Thanks for sharing. x

  • Well you look absolutely beautiful I think it's so important to get out of bed I bought a Dr Claire Weekes book back in the 1970s and one thing that always stayed with me were her words "Stay off that bed during the day" its so true I'm almost recovered now but when I had bad days I could be feeling so bad I had to force myself to get up Having a shower washing my hair doing my make up getting dressed and going downstairs always always instantly made me feel that bit better

    Going for a walk was my thing in all weathers just to be out in the air I know some people will read this and want to yell at me that they can't get past the front door but I was agoraphobic and making myself get out no matter how hard it was those 20-30 mins literally changed my life Exercise is the greatest thing for anxiety

    You look amazing

    All the very best x

  • Thank you so much. I couldn't possibly think of anything more comforting than being around friends or being in anyone's company when anxiety comes on! Being out and about helps so much x

  • I recognise now that my anxiousness is coming from my own inner thoughts/voice. To help switch any worry or negativity I start my day by watching u tube videos from life coaches such as tony robbins, tara brach and shannon kaiser.

    I also take care of myself through good health food and share this on my Instagram and Facebook page Discovering Wellness UK xxx

  • Hi

    I find going for a walk and then coming back and relaxing in the bath helps me on my off days x

  • Exercise or going to the mall or just some place where there's a lot of hustle and bustle . I take my niece bike riding or to the park because then all my thoughts and energy are focused on her . As soon as I feel a bad day comming on I get up , ready and out the door even if it's just a walk around the neighbourhood . Sitting around , alone stewing in my own thoughts will just make things worse . Keep busy is the best advice I could give :)

  • Couldn't agree more ! X

  • I try to keep busy on days when I have some energy, but then I become very frustrated when the anxiety comes back when I try to relax after a busy day.

  • I do the same as you! Slack on some makeup, feeling fabulous and I go out, and I make myself believe everyone looking at me isn't thinking I'm weird or ugly but rather fabulous and gorgeous :) a little vanity goes a long way, I'd say. Also, the best thing to do - just do it. Feeling anxious, but need to go to a meeting, to work, to school, to a doctor's appointment, wherever else? Just. Do. It.

    Us anxious people - we like to over analyze everything and we oft makes ourselves go crazy when we shouldn't! I have agoraphobia and whenever I leave my house, I'm constantly thinking I'm going to die, or people are judging me, or I'll faint, I mean all sorts of insane things come into my mind, but I block them all completely with one tiny little sentence - "you're okay". That's all I say. "You are okay". And immediately I feel a little bit better, a little braver, and sometimes that's all you really need to push through the day :)

    Feel better and bless you x

  • I have found that breathing excercises do help and going to a therapist 2 a week. Listen to relaxing music and just the other day I started doing a meditation video from u tube. It centers your mind. Before bed or anytime. I also go to sleep with relaxing music and exercise and eating healthy doing something good for yourself. Hope this helps. Also thee workbook called anxious and phobia is great. Good luck

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