Went for a drive and it subsided

Well tis morning i was trembling from top to bottom. My Daughters on her day off today and she suggested that we go for a drive, more anxiety manifested, she then said we will take your car and you can drive, more Anxiety!!!. My daughters have been using my car instead of theirs to keep it going. I had not driven for at least 18months, so you can imagine my horror at this idea. However i thought anxiety you have my life everyday but NOT today you cant harm me never have and never will you are the emotion of fear, you can make me feel uncomfortable if you want but i am going. So i got in the car still with the internal trembling, but before i even started the car it stopped and i did a 30 mile round trip with my daughter, even went through drive through at macs. Now i am back home and internal trembling started again with very bad tension headache!!. Since being back i have thought and wondered why symptoms came back, the only logical reason would be that my mind got distracted from how i was feeling and what was going on with my body.





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  • Very well done for doing your drive. I am proud of you

    ((( hugs))) xxx

  • Thank you so much winter. Are you feeling a bit better now?




  • I always feel peaceful when I drive, think cos my minds on other things.

    Good for you though x

  • Not really Bonnie, the dr hasn't rung me back. I've had a serious chat with myself ( which didn't work!). I've tried to stay busy I've baked cakes, painted the radiator and hung out the washing. I must wish it would all go away xxxx

  • Just wish!

  • That is not very good of your doc to not ring back. Try to think about what you have done today feeling the way you do, they say its the doing that brings us through this, although this is very hard with such physical stuff attacking us. You will get there we all will. Well done on the cakes and other things you have done. Stay as positive as you can and treat yourself .




  • Well done Bonnie on your drive :)

    I had a similar experience (sort of) yesterday when I took the kids to Tesco and did everything all right only to feel sick when I got in...but at least we did something


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