Dizzy &I Off balance. Blood tests and doctors say I'm fine, anxiety?

Hello everyone, I'm new to this website and I was looking for a little bit of advice/help. I was diagnosed with a vestibular imbalance in my left ear two months ago which was making me dizzy, I got over that did exercises to fix it, it's almost or if not already fixed. Gained severe anxiety from this and am now dealing with that and it's a whole nother battle. I am way better but Now my issue is I am still off balance and dizzy. I know dizziness/off balance is an anxiety symptom so I'm trying to push through it... Some days it doesn't affect me at all and others like today I can barely work because it is constantly on my mind. Does anyone else get this constant or coming and going dizziness/off balance feeling?


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  • For me it comes and goes. But what I will say is the more I focus on it the longer it lasts and the more intense. I think hyperventilation causes some of the sensation so practising slow calm deep breathing is an important technique to practice regularly.

    Hope you get more responses with helpful information there are a lot of knowledgeable caring people on this site but it can be quiet on weekends

  • Yes! I'm getting one last test done on Wednesday then if that comes back good I will know what it is and I will focus on not focusing on it and keeping my stress low. For me the dizziness is brought on a lot by me unconsciously tensing my neck and shoulder muscles therefore cutting of some circulation to my head. Thank you! I hope so too. I need all the info I can get!

  • I do that too, constantly have my jaw clenched tight and neck shoulders tensed. It's hard to not do it, become a bad habit :(

  • This happens to me!! I've realized it happens most when I'm in an anxious state like work or out with lots of people. Definitly makes it almost impossible to work and it's so scary. I have been told I have tmj so i subconsciously am clenching my jaw which could cause Dizziness I guess. But honestly I can relate so much to this because it's like the biggest thing that is affecting my work ethic and obviously life in general. I try not to think about it but I think because I've already noticed it i can't get it to go away.. wish I could help just nice to know people can relate.

  • Totally! It used to scare me so bad no matter where I was I would go home and be in bed the rest of the day. I thought I was going to lose my job and I had no life for a while. Now I've gotten to where I can deal with it and I try not to let it scare me but today at work I felt really lightheaded for about 20 mins straight ...and the rest of the time just really off balance. I have anywhere from 4-8 good days then I relapse w/ about 1-2 bad days then goes back to good days again. Is the cycle about the same for you?

  • My first panic attack came from a random dizziness moment where my surroundings moved back and forth and ever since I've been afraid that feeling would come back and so feel off balance all the time. If I don't concentrate on it it feels better but as soon as I sit down/relax/stop being busy it comes back. As hard as it is, try and carry on what you're doing with your life and take everyday as it comes. The more productive you are the less focused on your symptoms you'll be.

    All the best to you, keep positive xxx

  • Yes my anxiety is similar as I am afraid of my vestibular issue coming back therefore I am off balance all the time. I try to go about my days as best as I can. Thank you for the advice it's good to know I'm not alone in being off balance 24/7

  • Do you also get this cycle with the dizziness/lightheadedness of bad days no matter what you do and then a couple good days after that?

  • Yes I'll wake up and just know that it's going to be a bad day even after I take my medication. It's sort of like a viscous circle though, as soon as I think 'today I'm going to feel rubbish' then it's inevitable that I will. Our mind is the strongest part of our body. It's hard, as we all know, but surround yourself with good people And never be afraid to speak up- mental health issues are not embarrassing and they don't make you any weaker than the next person. I think it's surprising how many people have suffered with similar issues when you begin to open up to people.

  • Exactly Ffi8, you never realize how many people hide it until you open up and they tell you they had the same exact thing. I just found out another man at my work has went through the same thing I'm going through now: trying to get a medical diagnoses worrying everyday...

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