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Started off good but don't know what to think now

Well I woke up this morning had my usual symptoms which it didn't bother me too bad but then as the day progressed I don't know if because I was in a good mood. But all I know is by the time I got to the grocery store about 3 this afternoon I don't know if my subconscious kicked in and as I walked in I was beginning to get the jello legs and I felt like my muscles were weak like if I were to walk at a normal pace I would fall over so of course there goes my mind racing hoping I don't fall over and as I got to the line waiting it seemed as if it was getting weaker and I started feeling shallow of breath like I had to take deep breaths in order to breath normally. Then as I left the store I had to walk slow to my car. It's like when I'm up trying to walk around I feel weak. I was also told that I'm vitamin d deficient low numbers I don't know if that plays a part. But is this my anxiety just doing this? I started off feeling ok. But when I got to the store it's like I remembered how I felt before and my weakness came. Or ia it possible that my body is going to be weak like this from being sleep deprived and poor appetite for months now. I've lost 22 pounds since June unintentional from this stress and anxiety, well at least I hope that's what did this. But is this possible why I feel so weak and can't walk or do what I use to?

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I get very anxious when I walk into the grocery store. I get a sudden wave of lightheadedness and hot flashes, feel as if I might pass out. I somehow try not to panic and finish my work there. But as soon as I am in the car I feel infinitely better :(

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Me too. It's like once I made it to the car I felt better. But still as if my body is not as strong as it use to be before this anxiety and stress came on me this bad ever in my life


Girl, when I first got derealization, I was under so much stress and anxiety was at its highest EVER in my life, within 30 days I lost 25 pounds. This was in December 2015. I couldn't eat, I could barely even get thirsty, I was never sleeping because I was afraid to, so I would force myself EVERY night to stay up until it was light outside and I would feel a little comfortable to take a quick nap, then my little girl would wake up like 30 min after if dozed off. I was surviving on Zero food and 30-45 min of sleep EVERYDAY AND NIGHT LITERALLY FOR ALMOST 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT. That 25 pounds melted off of me in 30 days and people were asking me like wow u been working out, you're so tiny smh I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I looked terrible with all that weight gone smh. So since then I have gained all of it back plus lol which I actually feel much more comfortable with meat on my body, I def appreciate it now after losing all that weight. I found a way to cure myself of Derealization and that's when I was able to start eating again. But I still have anxiety/panic disorder which flares up like 10-14 days before my cycle, which is where I am now, 2 days before my cycle and I feel really crappy and messed up smh I hate it


This is EXACTLY and I mean exactly was has happened to me. In june is when it all started and by August I lost a total of 23 pounds so far. I look at myself in the mirror and I cry. So let me ask. Did this mske you feel really weak a lot as if your muscles and body could do what it used to? Like the past few days I feel as if my body has no strength to even walk normal, I feel like my muscles are tired. Also how long before it took you to gain your weight back or even your strength? Yes and I've definitely began to feel detached again. Some days I'm ok but from one day to the next always seem complete opposite where I think I'm going to be ok next day I'm back to square one. But did your body feel this way after losing that weight so fast and not sleep? How long before you gained it back? What did you do to get yourself back to normal?


Yes I felt so weak one day, I was in the tub and had to get out because it felt like I was gonna faint because of the steam, the next day I could barely get up on my two feet, I had to go to the ER and they couldn't find NOTHING wrong with me, EEG and ultrasound and bloodwork all perfect. They hooked me up on an IV and gave me some fluids and chalked it up to a little dehydration and sent me on my way. Granted the fluids did make me feel a little better because I hadn't been drinking fluids either, but I was still feeling weak and dizzy after that. Just not as bad as that day


How long did it take for you to get back to normal and gain your weight back after this happen to you


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