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Anxiety / panic disorder

Been struggling with anxiety for the past couple years. Last 3 months have been bad. I get panic attacks one every couple weeks that are so bad i black out. Two days ago i had a panic attack that caused me to black out. I drove to the middle of Wisconsin and didn't even realize how i got there. It was like i was in a comma but still functioning. Im scared to tell my psychiatrist because i don't want to go to a mental health place. Please help!!

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Very Common bad anxiety my friend I've been there and still there. I don't black out I get a real odd surreal feeling like I'm not in my body and some of the day is a blur. My symptoms consist of dizziness weak legs arms hands head and neck goes numb sore chest severe panic.. the list goes on. I've had it for at least 15 years now. If you need a chat I'm here just drop me a line even if it's reassurance or you want to run symptoms by me. Watch meds some make you feel alot worse so talk to your doctor about them and what ones won't drive you over the edge. Depression is a bug issue on some medications. Your not dying you haven't a serious health issue its just your body fighting itself. Easier said than done as when u get ny bad anxiety I freak out but I fight it... it scares the hell out of me but passes. When you get an attack try take your mind off it play on your cell game apps etc puzzle ones. It helps me alot sometimes


Thanks. Your advice has helped me a lot


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