hypertension or panic/anxiety disorder?

i not sure if i have panic disorder. it was started when our company have APE. a day before that i was stressed and lack of sleep, so when they check my bp the reading is so high but when i get calm, the nurse check again my bp it goes down to normal, the doctor said to me that this was "considered" as stage 1 hypertension. i was scared so after that i do exercise everyday,eat healthy foods but very worried thinking about my health. after a week i started to feel fear & very worried then i start experiencing dizziness, rapid heartbeat, feeling faint, sweating, shortness of breath, numbness in my left arm, feel nervous.then when my parents bring me to the emergency my BP reading is so high again!(140/80 to 170/100!) then the doctor said i have stage 2 hypertension! i was so scared im just 24 years old! :( when i get calm my bp goes down to normal again (specially when im at home). i do executive check ups, ecg, ultrasound, blood chem, xrays -all the results are normal! i am also negative from heart attack or stroke.

i don't know whats happening to me , i think 90% of my time wasted thinking that i am sick! and goin to die!

i haven't tried to consult with a psychiatrist, but i tried this website: calmclinic.com/anxiety-test/ and found out i have severe anxiety disorder!. but still im not sure if this experience are also symptoms of anxiety/panic disorder or whatever.


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  • it is confusing because when i go to clinic to check my BP i always feel very nervous even the nurse just calling my name..my heart beat is so fast, so the result was high BP! :(

  • need advise :(

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