hypertension or panic/anxiety disorder?

Im not sure if this is a panic disorder or something.

it was just started when our company had APE last month. a week before, i was very stressed also had a lacked of sleep.when the nurse start to check my bp the reading is high (160/100).

but aftr 30mins. the doctor check again my bp and it goes down to normal.but he said that this was "considered" as stage 1 hypertension.so i got scared..im just 24yrs old!

because of that i feel very worried 24/7, then i start to experience rapid heartbeat, feeling faint, sweating, shortness of breath, numbness in my left arm, off balance etc. been to ER many times!

my medical check ups came back normal (ecg, ultrasound, bloodtests, x-rays) negative to heart attack & stroke as well.

i don't know what's really happening to me. i feel worried all time and scared that something bad will happen.


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  • it is confusing because when i go to clinic to check my BP i always feel very nervous even the nurse just calling my name..my heart beat is so fast, so the result was high BP! :(

  • need advise :(

  • Hi jack! I feel the same way too. Recently, I was diagnosed with MVP (mitral valve prolapse).

    Me getting anxious everytime makes my blood pressure go up. A visit to the doctor and seeing medical apparatus makes me feel anxious too.

    All of these thoughts I wanted to end but not sure how I can. It is definitely ruining my happy life. :(

  • What is mvp? my doctor diagnosis is "white coat hypertension" he gave me a 24hr bp monitoring and i saw my bp went down only when im relaxed and sleeping.everytime i went to doctor's office my bp always spike! the higher is 190/100!

  • MVP (mitral valve prolapse).

    Anyhow, even if my bp is low... I'm experiencing some dizziness/light headedness. :(

  • asianspirit, MVP and Anxiety go hand in hand. I was diagnosed with MVP over 30 years ago. It shouldn't be ruining your life. Listen to your doctor's advice and you will be fine. It's the anxiety that needs to be put in place.

  • Thank you. Your response actually gives me comfort; knowing that I'm not alone in this battle.

  • Agora, do you take any medication for your MVP?

  • asianspirit, No, I've never had to take medication for MVP. I was given anti-anxiety medication which lessened my anxiety and took away the heart palps. Eventually, I got into water aerobics which completely took care of any heart irregularities. MVP is not really a heart disease but is considered an anomaly(a syndrome) . As time goes by, you will forget about having it. It is NOT a doom and gloom diagnosis. You will be okay. :)

  • Thanks, dear! So I think I must take care of my anxiety episodes then.

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