I'm really suffering from aniexty I feel like one understands what im going through I keep having panic attacks I feel so awful I have racing heart weakness lightheaded dizziness pains all over I don't wanna believe aniexty can do all this to you I had a echo on my heart and xray on my stomach it was fine but I still think there is something wrong every time I get pain I keep thinking the worse I diagnose my self with different diseases I don't wanna be like this can someone please help me


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  • I understand how you feel. Suffered with all your symptoms!

    Anxiety can cause all of them.

    Medication has helped with mine.

    Don't worry, insist your Gp prescribes you meds x

  • It really sucks . I feel so bad I really think I'm seriously I'll . and no one understands how I feel they think it's all in my mind and there's nothing wrong with me :(

  • Stop trying to diagnose a disease. There is nothing wrong, anxiety causes all of these symptoms. Something has triggered this and you need to calm down and do deep breathing exercises and relaxation. Also insist your Doctor gives you something, you will get better, but you need to stop panicking, I know it's hard but you are the only one who can put it right. I have very faith that you can do this, you will only make yourself worse if you keep thinking about illnesses which DO NOT exist. Trust us all on this site, e have all been there. Now get better and enjoy life 😊😊😊☀️☀️☀️😎😎😎xx

  • Thanks I'll try too

  • I can sympathies with you as I know what it feels like. It takes a while but you keep trying to relax and stay away from self diagnose that is a disaster, try relaxation cd's that help me

  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm going on 4 years with anxiety/panic disorder. For me it's like a cycle I go months just fine and out of nowhere it's like I'm starting all over again. I get different pains all over and I also diagnose myself. I always think I have the worse disease. I'm always googling my symptoms which makes it worse. No one really understands until they go through it. I always need reassurance to make me feel better. Just take it one day at a time. Just try to find what triggers for you to get anxiety. There are different options you can seek therapy, see a psychiatrist for meds, exercise, main thing is to try to keep busy and not focus on anxiety too much. If you don't mind me asking how long have you suffered with anxiety?

  • For five years but its really got worse for me .

  • Last thing you want to do is Google symptoms with bad anxiety it always looks alot worse than it is. Trust me it's classic bad anxiety symptoms you are getting. I've had it bad past 15 years and I get the symptoms you get dizzy shortness of breath chest pain feels like heart palpatations cramping stomach what I will add is due to the Constant stress. Sometimes meds from the doctor makes symptoms worse before better. I come off meds as it only masks it. I find the symptoms easier to manage off meds. Stay strong my friend and I'm here if you need sound advice and reassurance about anything

  • This is so funny, because I literally do the same shit,

    whenever I have chest pain or arm pain I go on google and try to diagnose myself and make my anxiety attacks way worse.

    What I realized is that if you feed the over anxious mind paranoid thoughts you'll only feel worse and bring your symptoms to life,

    My advice would be to STOP looking up symptoms online to diagnose yourself because you'll only feel worse,

    try splashing cold water on your face, laying down and taking your mind off of the problem by watching something relaxing or funny, listening to chill music, drink some water and talk on the phone with someone you can open up to.

    Most people don't understand panic / anxiety attacks and just tell you "don't think about it"

    which is easier said than done.

    But from someone who feels and does the same, trust me you'll be fine (:

    just try and think positive, that's the best thing you can do when your mind wants you to do the opposite.

  • Thank you for advice appreciate it

  • Of course I know how it feels to have these emotions and no one understand how you feel, if you ever freak out or need anyone to talk to feel free to shoot me a message . ! Always here to help another person dealing with anxiety (:

  • Thanks :)

  • I would say anxiety, panic attacks etc is the worst thing anyone can go through and at first I was so anxious that I couldn't take my meds in case it killed me. It's the palpitations, heart flutters, shaking that I can't stand. It's so hard. I recently split with my partner whom I love and was always my rock and all of a sudden it all hit me again like a tidle wave. I so know how you feel . And sometimes I feel so angry that there are people outside laughing and enjoying their lives and I'm in bed crying begging my palpitations to slow down. Here if u ever want to chat x

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