Can someone give me advice

So I been having really bad thoughts and images what have been give me aload of pain and discomfort and a lot of aniexty, is this aniexty when u get rid of a bad thought and you replace it with what you wanna do, then you feel your mind is talking to you saying yeah you wanna do sumat bad when you know deep down you don't wanna, this is really doing my head in now, i just wants to be the old me!!


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  • Hello. We have spoken before about your thoughts you might remember. So long as your thoughts remain thoughts you will be ok - anxiety disorder can produce weird thoughts. However, if you feel that you might act on those thoughts at any point then I would urge you to get to a doctor as soon as possible.

    I cant remember if you are taking medication at the moment - if you are then make sure you take it - it will help keep you calm. What is the name of your medication? You are not a bad person - you have an illness at the moment, which sometimes makes you think bad thoughts. Is there someone there with you that you can talk to?


  • Is it aniexty ?

  • It is difficult to be sure - but it certainly sounds like anxiety, but there are other possibilities.

  • What ??? I'm not a bad person and I don't wanna be and don't wanna do anything bad wanna be the girl people no me as

  • No one is saying you are a bad person - I said there are other things than anxiety that may be the cause of your thoughts. I think you need to consult your doctor about these thoughts.

  • You worry me abit

  • I think you are misinterpreting things - I very clearly said that you are not a bad person - you can look back and see for yourself. I think you should speak with your doctor if you feel your bad thoughts are getting too much. I dont think I can help you very much on that issue.

  • Just sticking my two pence worth in probably where it's not wanted as usual. I thinkI read the last reply from Sally differently to you. I took it as she was now worrying a bit about what the other things could be wrong.

    Probably wrong but that was how I saw it.

    I'll disappear into hiding now. X

  • No u ok I just worry me I don't be like this

  • Please dont worry too much about things. It is very likely that everything stems from your anxiety - but if you really are worried then as I say, discuss it with your doctor.

  • Not at all - you are very welcome to comment :-) I have had communications before with the person concerned and I am so busy trying to avoid using any upsetting language that I become too focused on that. Thank you for your comment.

    Karl x

  • Sallysingh14. I believe it most definitely is anxiety. Ocd is a form of anxiety that causes intrusive unwanted thoughts. It's actually called Obsessive morbid thinking, And your brain has a way of making you believe the thoughts. It's mainly ocd. I have the same issue and I have been seeing my therapist who explained it all to me. Seeing my therapist is really helping it to gradually go away. Ocd will not go away on its own, a form of therapy is needed to heal. And remember, 85% of the things we worry about never happen. Hang in there! You're gonna be just fine

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