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I been suffering from aniexty for 5 years I'm only 17 and every since I got into a car accident I been scared to go up hills elevators and two weeks ago I suffer a panic attack and my heart was beating so fast I went to hospital and they said everything was fine with me except for I was dehydrate I been drinking a lot of water and I seriously think something is wrong with me I been to the er and doctors numerous times and two weeks ago I felt weak I started having pressure in my head I felt sick I couldn't eat my legs were weak my stomach was bloated and my stomach feels tight like I have a rubber band around it I feared I have every disease in the book you name it I think I have it my doctor tell me its my aniexty I don't wanna believe aniexty can make you feel like this its very sad its running my life I have cat scan and xrays on my body and nothing is wrong but I keep thinking something is wrong with if I have any pains on my body or ache I think I have cancer and I'm not happy with my life no more aniexty is taking over my body has I found a lump on my neck and Its moveable but I keep thinking I have something real bad anyone every felt like this before with there aniexty

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Sounds like you suffer hypochondria. But you really shouldn't worry, I myself suffer from it and I know exactly how you feel. I've been rushed to the hospiral a couple times too because I was scared that something was seriously wrong with, but after a few tests and some blood work, the doctors said I was suffering from anxiety and I was having a panic attack. I believe that the reason we feel this way is because of fear. We let fear take over our imagination letting us to believe there is something wrong with us. Dont get me wrong what you are feeling is very real, but the "facts" we create inside our mind aren't real. By the way I'm 18, but suffered from anxiety since I was 17. There was a time where I also felt it was ruining my life, sometimes I still get those feelings, but you have to try to control your thoughts and emotions. Challenge your negative thoughts. When you feel like worrying about something that may be wrong with you, think to yourself: "If something was truly wrong with me, the doctors would have discovered it by now". Hang in there, you will be ok, I know it sounds hard to believe especially by the way you are feeling right now, but you will be able to overcome this. Believe me when I say it's not gonna be easy, but take baby steps. As time passes, and you realize you have no real illness, it'll become easier. ;)

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if somethong makes you worry go to the doctor again.dont google!

Be calm and positive allways.

go to psychiter and tall him your story.

Dont abuse your body, eat well and drink well. Dont do nicottine coffine and alchol.

Do sport 2-3 per week. And eat well ,good helthy meals .drink alot of water you will feel much better after few days.

good luck


Anxiety makes you have all kinds of feelings, physical and mental. You are healthily and you need to tell yourself that all the time. You are retraining your mind and each time you say it you will believe it and your fears will start going away. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Your body heals itself when you sleep. When you are awake, eat healthy, drink water and exercise. Play sports, jog, swim, go biking or just go for long walk. I walked about 3 hours a day and being outside and walking helped me a lot. Make sure you have friends and family around to talk too. Talk About anything to keep your mind off what you are thinking and feeling. Also don't be afraid to talk about your anxiety. You might be surprised at how many people are having anxiety. You are not alone. We all have suffer the physical feelings you do but don't give in to them. Tell yourself you are fine everyday and eventually you will feel good . It doesnt happen overnight but it will get better. I also journals my feelings and thoughts. I look back at where I started and where I am now and I can see the improvement I have made. Good luck. You are not alone. You are healthy, it's just anxiety. Be stronger than your anxiety. Fearing it makes it worse.



I empathise with you as I suffered health anxiety for a long time since my childhood. The one thing you can do for yourself is educate yourself on what is happening in your body when anxiety/panic hits, buy a book Claire Weekes (old school book but excellent at describing exactly what is going on and walking you through how to deal with it). Acceptance is key to living with and being anxiety free most days (not always, but keeping it manageable). Once you accept that any symptom you get is related to anxiety and believe you me there are millions and some very bizarre, they will diminish, if you become fearful of them and add fuel to the fire they will stay, get worse, you will get more. Being pro active is key and I know how very difficult it can be to be motivated during anxiety it is extremely difficult, but small steps, exercise is fantastic, just a small walk around the block, sitting in fresh air distracting yourself with other peoples lives. I discovered Mindfulness a few years back, I've read a lot of books and been on courses, it really works. Buy a book, jot down each symptom, keep a diary of it so you have something to refer to in the bad times and know you can get through it. Don't let anxiety/panic/fear define who you are, please get support, join a self help group and start living your life.

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