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No matter how hard I try I can't get rid of my aniexty its so bad to the point that I don't do enjoy things that I use to do all I do is stay in the house and be depressed in think about my health I don't hang around no one I'll get happy than my anixety would come over me I keep feeling weak I keep burping a lot even if I'm on a empty stomach I had numerous of EKG and ECG all normal but I keep thinking maybe they miss something my body feels like floating on air I get lightheaded my whole body goes numb I can't really deal with this its really affecting my life I keep letting aniexty get to me I keep thinking I'm seriously I'll I hate that this is happening to me in I feel I have no one that can understands not even my mom she thinks I'm crazy and there's nothing wrong with me I can't even eat I have lack of appiete I lost like 10 pounds I don't wanna believe aniexty would make you feel this bad I think I'm dying of every disease my heart still beats fast kinda even though I had a EKG and ECG my throat gets tight and my stomach is tight and im having indigestion and my back ache in i feel i cant breath or swallow feels like it's taking my breath and I see my stomach pulse is beating is this normal also I have shooting pains in chest and in my ribcage and lower back ache and heart burn in it feels like I have tight band around my ribs and every time I burp I have to throw up but it goes back down and how can I calm my aniexty down

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I get days like this, I'm sorry you feel like this all the time <3

If you don't get headaches from strong smells, try burning incense and just lay down, or sit and listen to calm music and do something clam that you enjoy when your heart races, or you feel light headed. Drawing is a great calming technique. As is walking, unless you're like me and you get anxiety to walk alone. Or I go and talk to my dog, animals are great for anxiety. Not necessarily animals that get excited easily, but sometimes they help to make you happy :)

Placid animals are good for calming, one you can just pat and cuddle and talk to.

Or sitting in the sun, sun is great for it as well. and maybe try meditating, maybe even in the sun :)

Although I can't help you with the burping (although it could be your diet), I hope it all gets better soon and you're feeling like your head is on your shoulders again.

You're not crazy, and there's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with any of us, we're just human and go through rough patches occasionally. Just relax your mind, and body <3


Thanks so much I appreciate it :)


My best advice to you would be,

Not to try and get your Anxiety to go away,

But to accept your Anxiety completely, once you accept it and come to terms you suffer from anxiety that is the first step to feeling a lot better,

Whenever you trip out or start to feel anxious, instantly you can realize it's the anxious mind trying to take over your emotions.

Try and put yourself around more positive people/thinkers who can help talk you up whenever you're feeling down,

Talking on the phone helps with someone you trust, Splash some water on your face, and try to listen to some relaxing music, life is full of surprises and we all go through problems because we're tough enough to take them on.

I know how you feel, you'll be fine, even when you feel like you're dying, take a second, breathe, and tell yourself you'll be fine, try to get some fresh air or talk to someone to help take your mind off of the feelings of being anxious.

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Thank you so much I'll try to do that :)

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no problem ! (: hope all is well .

feel free to message me if you ever need anyone to talk to . !

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hi. I just started reading Dr Caroline Leafs book . lots of things to help you deal with life and anxiety. switch on your brain


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