Hi everyone . For the past few weeks I been feeling weird like I'm not myself it's hard for me to think now my mind feel like it's completely gone I feel really out of it I feel a floating sensation when I walk and when I'm sitting down it scares me I feel I'm not really here when I talk it doesn't feel like me talking I'm not happy with my life anymore I feel so disconnected from myself when people are talking to me it feels like they really not talking to me i feel I'm not there I feel spaced out I always have to check my pulse to see if I'm alive cause I be feeling like I'm not my body feels numb I can barley feel my body sometimes when I stand up it feel my legs have no support and they just wanna give out on me I feel I wanna pass out also I keep thinking I'm die or something I been thinking the worse I feel my life is passing me by my mind feels weird like my brain isn't functioning I feel dumb I keep forgetting things my heart has been beating my head and body feels like it's not mines I feel I'm in a dazed my eyes feel weird when I'm looking at tv it feels like I'm not really looking at tv I feel like a ghost  i already had blood work done and a ct scan last year in June I want this feeling to go away have anyone else ever felt like this please help 


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  • Hi mldk,  the answer is "yes" to all that you are feeling.  It's anxiety at it's finest.

    You have come to a  good forum to get the support and comfort you need.  Anything you need to know just ask.  There is always someone hear to listen and to care.  xx

  • Yes this is depersonalization/ derealization look it up it's very common with anxiety and probably one of the most disturbing symptoms. Know that it is in no way dangerous just very unsettling the best way to overcome it is treating your anxiety number one and not giving it any attention don't be afraid of it the more you focus on it the worse it will get. Have a read of the article in the link below its long but very helpful

  • It's so scary 😥 I'm trying not to think about it 

  • Hey mate I know exactly how you feel, anxiety symptoms can be so unbelievable sometimes. You are definitely not alone and have come to a great place for some reassurance that your not crazy. Keep reading these pages and hoping all settles down soon. Jase. 

  • Its all the weird ways Anxiety affects are body...I know its the strangest anxiety has been with me for 8 years and it always makes me feel weird like Im about to die..people experience it in different ways than others..some people barely have symptoms where as otjers like you and I feel it all over our bodies..and I'll tell you right now. With as many anxiety attacks I've had and numerous trips to the hospital...if you freaked out over the symptoms your feeling you will throw yourself right into a panic attack which is even worse than just anxiety...because your body is trying to defend itself..its called the fight or flight syndrome and your body starts feeling weird all over ...I've read numerous books on Anxiety..and the best thing you can do is to concentrate on your breathing...breath in through your nose for count of 4 and out through your nose count of 4..just deep slow breaths calms your heart down and relaxes you. The psychiatrist would tell you..Anxiety symptoms are Uncomfortable but not dangerous and to try and quickly distract your mind and the way you're thinking to something else ..something they say..go to your happy place..Beach maybe..somewhere you would like to be that makes you happy...and it will stop the Anxiety. Also..if you start tp feel symptoms coming in...immediately start thinking of something different and try not to concentrate on the way you are feeling...they also say to encourage the feelings to come and it wil stop it. I hope this helps.. ..Stay Strong! 

  • Thank you so much I will try to do that 

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