Hello everyone I been really stressed out for a month I dont eat and I don't enjoy food no more I been nausea everyday feels like I won't to throw up everytime I eat I regurgitate my food back up and I been frequently burping and having a lil burns in my chest and throat my throat feels like its closing up on me sometimes my food feels like it's not digesting I'm having a lil fast heart rate I already had five ekgs and a echocardigram on my heart everything was normal I feel so sick I haven't drunk soda or juice in a month I only been drinking water I I havent had candy or chips I gave up everything when I eat I feel full quickly . there's goes my health aniexty telling me your dying I cry mostly everyday my body been so weak and I keep feeling like I want to faint I'm having derealization :( my pulses on my body is bbeati so fast its freaking out my stomach pulse is really fast I'm losing all feel in my body its so numb

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  • Hello, this is real... Sounds like GERD to me. When GERD gets bad enough, it can cause esophageal spasms and can cause heart flutters because the spamming is near the heart. Every single symptom you described I have had. Sounds like you need a GI doctor and tests done. There is relief from this!

  • But I heard you have to get a endoscopy done to see if you gerd I'm scared I never got nothing done like that in my life and people say you can die from it if you don't get it treated and its going to turn into cancer and I'm be dead this got me really scared this has been going on for four weeks now . I don't understand how would I get this I never had this in my life so I don't know why I'll have it now

  • I'm going out on a limb here by saying you are extremely anxious 😉... Which causes increased acid production in your stomach which could lead to acid reflux. Typically your GP will prescribe acid reflux medication and many are available over the counter. I take Prilosec; my boss takes Nexium. You automatically do not need an endoscopy as this is common. Please know you are not going to die! I highly doubt you have cancer and, again, this is a common problem!

    I have had both an endoscopy and colonoscopy- simple procedures. Please relax! I promise you are not dying.xxxx

  • Thank you so much and yes I have been anxious for a month every since I had my first panic attack

  • Oh gosh! The first panic attack is always the worse... You are not dying or going crazy... I promise! I'm here for you.

  • Yeah it took over my life I can't sleep eat or enjoy nothing no more I constantly think im dying of every diseases I check all my pulses on my body

  • You are not dying or going crazy! I promise! Do you have a support system? As you learn more and more about anxiety, you will be able to empower yourself, know the symptoms and how to manage it.

    One thing you will realize, especially early on... The symptoms are NOT REAL. They will not drive into a nervous breakdown. Actually, I should say, the symptoms are very real, but your thoughts are not real. You will learn to accept the physical symptoms for what they are. And, you will have new anxiety symptoms continuously that mend you feel like something is terribly wrong with you, physically. You will learn to cope and accept the symptoms. You will learn to give them no power, and they will dissipate to something tolerable.

    And then, out of no where you will have another panic attack and think you are back to square one... You will not be. Once you recognize the symptoms, you will learn that they will pass, you will not die or go crazy. ❤️. You WILL be okay.

    Please at least go to your doctor, get tarts and bloodwork to assure there is no underlying physical problem.

  • Thank you . and yes I'm going to go to the doctor to get this checked out

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