Weird symptoms... Please help!

For the past 4 years it feels like my eyes have lost some sort of coloring or like some of the muscles in my eyes are dead (I think) I can't really describe my situation other than now it feels like I'm dreaming sometimes and when I do things I really have to pay close attention to what I'm doing because now I'm always in a tired state of mind and I make stupid mistakes all the time. I also feel a dizzy/full feeling in my head and eyes. And also I have recently had 2 mild concussions from sports and I feel that has made it worse. Any suggestions?


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  • I have had those exact feelings. I don't explain them as well as you. I say my eyes feel Googly 😳 like I have to intently focus on something for it to register with my eyes. I don't's weird but I'm pretty sure it just anxiety!

  • Thanks a lot! I will

    Definitely look at the whole anxiety thing..

  • Hi nickh18, sounds like 'dissociation'. Go on and look it up. I have had this many times, it usually happens when I am forced to do something I don't want to do. I 'switch off' and everything I do is on autopilot. I sometimes find it calming, but when it happens in the middle of a meeting (this has happened a lot caus I'm stressed I think) it's horrible as I can't concentrate on what is being said! My doctor told me to keep sweets handy, as a sugar boost may help. I'm a complete chocoholic so this was music to my ears lol give it a try, you never know it may work for you xxx

  • Thank you so much!!

  • Are you sure the website is still up and working though??

  • Hi sorry it's

    Forgot the UK lol xxx

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