Please help me am devastated

For the past 2 weeks I have been feeling really sick, this comes after I started working abt something. I feel very low energy, legs hurting, arms hurting, feel like am dying and when I go out in public I am struggling to breath and feel like am gonna fall to the floor and pass out dead. I went out with my friends and soon as more people started to come in the building I just feel so sick, like a warm weird sensation comes down on me that make me feel like am dying. So I went to the A&E last night and he began to ask me abt suicidal, stress, depression. I was wondering why he was asking me all those weird stuff because I was thinking I probably have some sort of disease r something why am feeling this way. So I began to think what can cause my body to feel so sick and weak like am dying. Does this sounds like anxiety? I am so scared. Please help.


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  • Hi Pixieluna, those are generalized questions that the A&E doctors always ask when a patient comes in with stress like symptoms as well as sounding depressed. Suicidal tendencies raise a red flag and they just want to be sure that you will be safe. What was the final diagnosis that the doctors gave you? I know you are scared. x

  • They said its depression but I don't feel depressed. Can someone not feel depressed and be depressed!

  • The doctors are seeing something that you are not. Depression doesn't always have to take the form of sitting in a corner and not being interested in anyone or anything. Looking over your symptoms seems to me like a little of both depression and anxiety. I hope they have given you a plan on how to address this. x

  • Anxiety can definitily make you feel this way.ive been stuggling with anxiety all my life and i have had all kinds of strange symptoms.there was a point when i didnt have any energy at all bc of the anxiety and stress it put on can really wear you out.and yes the strange pains and your legs and arms hurting could easily be bc of anxiety,even when u feel like you havent really been worrying about anything,you can still have the symptoms.its weird and you feel like your going crazy or your loosing your think to yourself no this can not be a symptom of anxiety its something more serious but no its just anxiety.ive been to the doctors office and the er and neurologist way too many times bc the symptoms i had were real and its very scary.i always thought they were just missing something and finally there for a little while it got better and now it seems to be coming back.i know ive drug this on way too long but i know how it feels to believe that your the only one going threw this but your not.ive been there.oh and yes i feel like i cant breathe most times and it will comd out of no where but its just something you have to learn to deal with and cope with.its easier said then done i know but its the truth.i have to keep telling myself the same thing.but i hope this helps and i hope you get to feeling better.everything is are not alone!

  • Yes at the moment this is exactly how I feel, I feel like am going to drop dead on the floor sometimes, tired,sleepy,loss of energy and appetite. I just started a new job and I could barely finish my task yesterday. Work begins on Monday and I simply just don't know if I can make it. I felt like am loosing my mind yesterday like am going mad. I thought to myself that something may be wrong in my body why I went to the A&E and when they direct it to anxiety and depression, I was damned. I couldn't believe it, but now I know what the issue is, I am going to try my best to stay positive and speak life in my situation. I hope u will be ok.

  • This is textbook anxiety. You have literally described what I used to feel to a T.

  • Thank you guys so much. I was feeling like am alone and I accidentally came accross this site. For the last week I have been so low energy and sick. I am fighting it though cause I know I can be better. I am trying to take my mind off it cause I know it can make u go mad. I am easily frightened and feel scared. I explain to a few ppl and they don't see r think anything is wrong with me and I get so upset because no one seems to understand me. Today I am trying to overcome, I am abit low in energy after a good nap but am gonna take some vitamin C and see if I can get some food in my system because I haven't been eating lately last 5days my appetite has decreased tremendously untill I have to force myself. But thank u guys so much, I appreciate ur kind words.

  • We've all been there, so I speak for everyone when I say, it's no problem and I'm glad to help.

    Be sure to not let the appetite slip, that causes a continuous cycle of different things that lead to more anxiety.

  • I am going to eat my regular portion of food, even if it means that I have to force it. I am saying NO to anxiety and depression, I will not allow it in my life. I am going to fight with everything I have.

  • You will beat it, just don't fear it and don't be afraid to feel what's happening to you when it does, recognize it and give it away, it's not yours to deal with.

    It's a toothless lion

  • Ur right, it's not for me to deal with. I am going to be strong and I will be the victor and not the victim to any of this.

  • Hi Pixieluna, as rockster said, don't let not eating get out of control. 5 days is a long time not to be eating much. Even with a decreased appetite, there are soft foods that are nourishing to keep your blood levels normal. You might find that you will feel better after fueling your body. As for others not understanding that's one of the things about having disorder that no one can see. x

  • No one can see and that kills me to the core because they don't understand so my support level is not good at home because they don't understand. I am going to eat and I am going to go for a walk because I need to get back my energy.

  • I so understand the at home missing support. We cannot control what other people think or do. Sooo, having something to eat and go for a wallk sounds like a great idea. (wish I could come with you). Wishing you well. x

  • Thank you so much. I appreciate ur help and kinda feel relieved that I am not alone.

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