Had a rough night and so tired :(

My anxiety was acting up before I went to bed my relaxation tape helped a lil but kept waking up felt like I couldn't breathe or like i was going to pass out and my heart pounding and then shivering. Had to sleep kinda sitting up but even then felt crappy. How can you be asleep then woke up to feeling this way?

Anyone else feel this way sometimes??? I just want to be able to sleep without worry


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  • hi pink, o/h is the same, after about 3 hours sleep she sometimes wakes up , then if she cannot get to sleep the intrusive thoughts roll in ,she has like you a relaxation tape, but if she is really tense she takes a half of diazepam 1mg and that helps with the tape as well, try not to watch too much tele before you go to bed as this stimulates the brain , which makes harder for you to have a good sleep, love jasper xx

  • Hi jasper thank you so much for the post and this is the messed up part I was completely fine about a half hour before going to bed I felt fine my breathing and heartbeat and everything was normal. So frustrating

  • Hi Pink, I can relate to that feeling too and the frustration of not beeing able to fall asleep makes things worse. If this happens I try and read a little to see if that will help me relax, sometimes it works better than others. I also try and exercise during the day so that in the evenings my body will be naturally tired. I hope you get some rest today.

  • Hello petita thank you for your post and I hear ya there sometimes it doesn't matter what we do it just doesn't help as our minds go into overload. I'm a 32 year old single mom to an awesome 3 year old and dealing with all this is too much. I'm always so terrified that something is going to happen to me and I won't be here for her

  • Just a suggestion...but perhaps try listening to a guided meditation? It has helped to calm my anxious mind more than once! There are several free meditations available at marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=22

  • Hello newoba thank you for your reply. I have a relaxation tape that came with my program that I listens to every night but I guess it can't always work

  • I feel like this daily & it sucks. I want relief. I have on my relax tapes too. But yes it sucks ..I hate it. I can't even relax in general ..

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