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Health anxiety eyes

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I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should lately and my eyes keep blurring and I was waking up and my grandma was walking pass it’s like my vision was weird and she was like moving weird it came normal again idk if it was because I was just waking up but I never expected that I’m convinced something is wrong with my brain now

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Oh hun.... I keep reading of your struggles.

You are so very very young, nothing is wrong with you. You’ve even had doctors clear you of any bad health.

Are you getting any therapy for your anxiety? If you are not, please talk to your parents about this. Negative news, social media, googling, is also exacerbating your anxiety as well.

Do you have any activities you do in the day, like exercising, meditation, deep breathing exercises? Any hobbies, reading a good light hearted book, get outside and enjoy nature? Input into the brain positiveness, create you routine for the day, etc..

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Hi I was starting therapy they never called I have to call them and see , also my parents don’t really understand I seem fine to them

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Keep calling them. Doctors are very busy, they see a lot of patients each day, so get in touch with them.

If your parents could see the things you write here in health unlocked they would understand that your not okay... is there a way you can communicate this the way you are here? Parents see what you are displaying in front of them so if you are in their presence displaying no signs of anxiety and struggling they are going to think you are fine. I’m a parent, I’m suggesting you keep trying with them too.

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Okay I will thank you

You are not alone. I’m the same worrying about something being wrong with my brain. I don’t think i’ll feel right until i’ve had my appointment with neurology and maybe even an MRI to confirm if there is a problem or not. Please try to take your mind off things. I went down to the beach today only for an hour to get me out of the house. It helps.

Thank you and yes I got my mind off it I think it’s because my eyes are dry and I don’t get enough sleep

My heart really goes out to you I’m sorry you go through this it’s bad enough we do I’m in my 40’s and it breaks my heart for you suffering at such an early age... people who don’t suffer with it don’t understand that when we get in this state of mind how frightening it is and that we need a quick fix for someone to reassure us tell us we are going to be ok even if I get the all clear I concentrate then on another illness it’s a viscous circle isn’t it..

Look at it today as another hurdle you’ve jumped through you’ve managed to get this far and you are still ok physically that’s how I look at it every night before I fall asleep

Do you know what triggered your health anxiety to start with

Nat xx

Thank you and yes COVID

Totally understandable it’s got a lot of us scared


I’m just so dumb stressing myself out like I’m not deterating my health myself and not suppressing my immune system by all the stress which stresses me out more

See a eye doctor?

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