Depression and Anxiety or not???

Today I woke up with extreme fatigue and I woke in the middle of night with short breathe and a weird choking feeling and I constantly grab my heart cause I felt like my heart wasn't beating right and it also felt weird too. And I woke this morning still feeling this way .....I think it has to do with staying up late freaking out but idk for sure ....dies anyone else feel this way ???


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7 Replies

  • Yes this is anxiety, happens a lot to me..

  • Really cause lately I've just laid in bed all day :(( and I've just got sweaty palms, kinda dizziness and the other symptoms that I described ...isn't "normal" cause I'm 16 and I'm getting scared that this may be a stroke

  • I can't say for sure it's anxiety. If it persist to to doc to be sure. But, my anxiety presents itself just like this sometimes

  • Right now I've just laid in bed all day and I have but I'm palms and feet are getting sweaty and I still have the other symptoms

    (Extreme fatigue,shortbreahe, feeling like my heart isnt beating, choking feeling)

    I'm 16 and I'm afraid that this is it?

  • Several of the symptoms you describe are common to anxiety. Anxiety is a real problem and can most definitely make you feel strange and a little on edge. But you need to see a doctor to be sure that there are no other existential problems.

  • Staying in bed all day can lower your blood pressure and make you feel quite weak, and lung function isn't as good when you're laying flat. Try getting up and staying active even just walking around the house for a few hours, some slow deep breaths.

    The tiredness sounds to me like you're really doing yourself in with the worry. Think of it like your mind and body has just exhausted itself with the adrenalin through worry and needs to rest now. It'll take a while to feel better but force yourself up, eat something and drink plenty. Get some fresh outdoors air.


  • In my earlier anxiety and panic days, yes very often. It gets better in time learning to strengthen your mind and the way you cope with your anxiety. You will learn how to deal with it better with some positive self talk and calming yourself a little better. I know you will pull through this. Just give it some time. Be well. 🙄

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