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What is happening to me?

Hi, I've been lonely lately, and a couple weeks ago I gave a guy who is my acquaintance oral sex with out protection. I did swallow. I've only had sex with one man ever, and prior to this I hadn't so much as kissed anyone in nearly two years. I'm 27. I just got lonely and messed up. He gave me oral too and after I got bacterial vaginosis. So of course I started googling and all sorts of horrible things came up including HIV. I can't be tested for another two and a half months, and I'm an extremely nervous person so this is killing me. The past week I've been experiencing a lump in my throat, a cough, one day I could hardly swallow bc I was nauseous, I wake up with night sweats, I can't sleep unless I take NyQuil .... Etc. Does anyone know if anxiety can make a person physically ill?? Some websites say it's not even possible to get hiv from oral ... But I just feel constantly panicky. I don't know what to do. Is this normal with anxiety?! I can't go on like this for two more months ... Please someone give me insight.

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Yes I would say that when we suffer with anxiety we do tend to always believe that what ever may go wrong will be the worse scenario when it very often is not the case

I have put a link to another Community that is actually Administered by a professional Doctor who's field is Sexual Health Matters

Have a look you may find it very useful in giving you some peace of mind till you can get the tests done as well as getting the correct information over your concerns

Take Care x


You can't get hiv through oral why don't u phn the sexual health clinic and speak to a nurse there she could reassure you and bacterial vagonosis is not sexually transmitted


Hello, there is a thing called health anxiety and yes it can definitely make you physically ill. I get flutterings, skipped beats, feeling faint etc. I have had infections too, but that is all they are. HIV is not so symptomous in the beginning, so you wouldn't even know for the first year or so. I don't think you have it so relax. If you need someone to talk to, I am here.


I read online you can have symptoms in 2-4 weeks after infection .... Why am I waking up every night drenched In sweat?? It happened last night again, and it's not in my arm pits, I checked. Just on my body.


Anxiety can give you many physical symptoms. I've suffered with Anxiety for over 12 years now and I think I have been through almost every symptom there could possibly be, until another comes along.


Hi Joebob ... Have you experienced the night sweats? ?That's what scares me the most, as it's listed as an hiv symptom. It's getting to the point I'm feeling scared to go to bed at night, terrified I'll wake up sweaty again.


No, but probably because I wasn't worried about HIV. I was worried about my heart though and I experienced severe chest pain and pain in my left arm - I ended up in A&E twice but there was absolutely nothing wrong with me or my heart (I have a heart issue now, but that's a different story and twelve years has passed since the onset of my Anxiety).

I have had cold sweats due to anxiety though, but not at night.


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