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What is happening to me?

Hi I am new here and I need an answer.

For the past 8 nights every time I am about to fall asleep I suddenly wake up for no reason it's like my body doesn't want me to go to sleep and other times I will be lieing down about to go to sleep and I get really hot my hart starts beating fast and fell scared but I don't know why other times it my legs might move but every time it gets worse it got so bad that I jumped out of bed with out ME jumping

I haven't slept in 2 days and I am really tired at school i am a solid A student and I got a C the other day! I am scared that my grades are dropping and I can't tell my mum or dad because we are a little bit low on money

This has never happened to me before and I have a lot of home work and it is piled up and I can't tell my friends because they have their own problems right now and I don't want to be added to their lost

Please if anyone knows what is happening to me I need your help

Thanks for reading

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I'm glad you posted as you sound like you need advice.

As a parent myself I know for a fact what ever is going on with them with regards to money, children will always come first. They are our biggest priory over all else. With out our children's health and happiness we would be nothing. They will want to know how your feeling x

If your really don't feel able to talk to them maybe someone at school? Or your family dr? Everyone has a duty of care to you x

Ps, I sounds very much like symptoms of anxiety, don't be afraid to talk your teachers, tell them your finding things difficult.

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Thanks for the advice 👍


No problem.

Here if you need a chat :)


Hey, I posted on here about that jumpy feeling when going to sleep, its really scary but important to remember it just comes from anxiety youve had all day...Heres my link if it helps...


Hi my sister had this and dr told her to take melatonin before bed. You sound overwhelmed and she was when it happened to her.


Thank you for the help


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