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What to do re: meds



I'm new on the boards , I've suffered anxiety the few years esp the last 20mth. Its got very bad last 6wks or so. I've got a new g.p also. I'm on meds for a under active thyroid but the g.p want to put me on something for anxiety. Lexpro ( sp). Anyway I've always been against meds as I'm worried about side effect ect. But I've got to a point where I can't go on like this, I feel no happyness or joy in my life not even from my 2 kids who are everything to me. I use to love travel but at Easter when we went away to Disney Paris it was awful! I hated every minute of it. I had an anxiety attack at the airport ! Don't know how I got on the plane. I live alone with the kids (ex lived abroad so doesn't see them). I never see friends anymore only 1 who know a little about how I feel. I just feel so alone and low. I'm so tierd of having no energy and having this constant dread. I'm tierd of pretending I'm ok!!. I'm so upset that my passion for travel has turned to fear!". I've no summer hol booked as I can't get on a plane alone with the kids again. But I'm back to the g.p Tuesday and I need to decide what to do re: meds or is there another solution to anxiety.

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There is always a solution to anxiety. We just need to find the best one for us. Not sure if you have tried talking to a pschologist but they might be able to get to the bottom of underlying causes. In the short term you could try a beta blocker like propanolol which could take the edge off. Try and not get too much advice from too many places like the internet as you will get confused on what you should do. Talk to your gp about all the options and then trust them on what they recommended in my opinion.

I think what's probably making you feel so much worse is the smiling face you're putting on to hide how anxious you are inside. It puts extra strain on your nerves. Something that would take a bit of the tension off your shoulders is telling people how you're feeling and that way they know that if you can't manage to do something because you're having a tough day they'll understand a bit better, plus if you need someone to vent things to you have someone there who knows you and knows what you're going through. This is something you shouldn't have to face alone with no support. I second talking to a therapist, if nothing else it's a way of venting thoughts and feelings (I have my first appointment booked for Monday; I'm a lil apprehensive actually, but I think it'll be good for me).

As for the meds; I was the same, I put off taking any prescription anti-depressants for so long (or even going to the doctor). I convinced myself St Johns Wort would beat it back. It didn't, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for someone else. I'm not sure if there are any herbal tablets for anxiety. Maybe someone else would know better. There are Bach flower remedies that might help you if you don't want to go the medication route straight away. I think you need to give it a lot of thought as to what would be best for you. Usually the side effects don't last for longer than a couple of weeks, but they do increase anxiety when you first start taking them. You need to be in it for the long(ish)-haul (at least 6 months) with any of those type of meds. What they would do is take the weight off your shoulders while you can deal with the reasons why you feel this way. There's a book that might help; Essential help for your nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. I saw Baylien recommend it to someone and thought it was worth trying. I've only just got it myself, but it's changed my thinking about anxiety/ panic attacks and nervous illness and how I go about fixing things within myself.

I hope things get better for you soon. x

Thank you both for your replys! will consider all ur suggestions . I havnt had therapy but may be something I should consider. I think I will hold off on meds for the moment as I'm still so unsure about that route. I really don't have anyone I can talk to.

Soosh in reply to emeraldisle

You're very welcome. :)

You can come on her any time of the day to post a question or blog. Even if there's no-one around to answer you straight away, they'd be someone around eventually that'll reply.

I know this isn't the most ideal when it comes to wanting or needing someone to talk to, but if you're feeling desperate and need a human being to talk to you right then and there, there are probably a few helplines you could reach out to. I'm not sure on phone numbers. I'll give it a quick Google, hang on... :)


..it's always good to know that these things are out there.

Or there's the possibility of finding an anxiety support group in your area. That might be worth a shot. Or joining an exercise class or doing an adult-ed course to get you meeting people with similar interests. I've been thinking about learning Italian. :P Gives me an excuse to get my butt to Barcelona/ Rome/ Tuscany one day.

Vino! Vino, camarero por favour. Ahh.. Gracias! :) x

My husband got very depressed following an accident and his GP put him on antidepressants and he is MUCH better now Hes not one for taking medicines even pain killers but he is impressed by how much better he feels on them, sometimes you need to take them for weeks before they start to work but it is well worth a try

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