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Anxiety making me doubt my memory?

Hi everyone, this is embarrassing to say but I feel like I'm going crazy

I was always sure i didn't have sex with this guy, I knew that we engaged in oral sex but I knew we didn't engage in penis in vagina sex

Up until recently. Now I'm paranoid this man didn't finger me but that he penetrated me. I have been feeling sick with worry and i asked another site and I was basically laughed at and said i would for sure know if sex happened. Why in the world am i suddenly afraid? Wouldnt a person KNOW they had sex? I was not drunk or high. I was clearheaded. Please help😞 this is where my intense fear of HIV plays in

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Im not that experienced on this subject but if you're having doubts whether or not y'all did it you should ask him that will put your mind at ease.... ask him what did you guys do


I never saw him after that night. I don't have his info.


Dang it. Either way i think you would know if you had sex


I keep telling myself that but I guess my anxiety is trying to scare me


Be careful ok and don't put yourself in that position. Its not good for your anxiety


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