What is happening to me??

Hello, for weeks on end now - after having a bug&cold for ten days followed by a series of what I associate to be panic attacks - I haven't been able to go to sleep without lingering nausea, my heart beating so loud I can almost hear it, complete discomfort, dizziness and just loud thoughts about every way that could stop me from sleeping that night. I tried to ignore it and I've slept with a dim light and quiet music or background sound and shoved my head into bunches of pillows. But now it's starting to effect me during the day. I get snappy or accidentally say something out of order, my social energy decreases dangerously low out of nowhere, I haven't cleaned my bedroom or done my laundry in two weeks, I keep arguing with my partner, I can't eat breakfast or dinner without being petrified of the nausea... I've only told this site because nobody takes a 16/17 year old seriously over here..

The list goes on. Ha anybody got a clue why this is??


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  • Hello, sorry to see you are having a bad time. Maybe getting into your old routine that you had before you got bug would help you? Anxiety Is sometimes a hard thing to deal with but I usually find that keeping busy makes it a lot easier. Also drinking more water, exercise and certain foods can help a lot. If you think it's getting worse then you should maybe visit the docs.

  • Thank you. I have a counselling session next Thursday and I'm going to ask her as well if I should refer to my GP about this. I do need to be healthier and more organised.. It just seems like as soon as I start to get good at it all something goes wrong and completely throws me off.

  • What things go wrong to throw you off, nothing that you can put straight?

    If it is anxiety that throws you off you need to believe that the anxiety won't do you any harm, it's all in your head. I taught myself to deal with it by acting on it as soon as it kicks in, I go do stuff, maybe draw something or even do some cleaning, anything to take me out of that moment. Now I am able to ignore it almost completely. Also I eat certain foods daily, bananas are excellent for anxiety and there are many other foods that can help.exercise is amazing too.

    I tried to reply to you early this morning, I typed a lot of stuff out for you but then I pressed the wrong button on my phone and completely deleted it, wrecked my head it did. So I'm sorry for taking so long

  • Oh no that's fine! No need to apologise! The fact that I got an answer from anyone at all is so relieving for me. Thank you for all the lovely advice. I'm determined this year to change up my living space, my diet and my routine because i know that in doing so that must make my head at least a little clearer. I haven't eaten bananas in a very long time so I'll give it a try. Also when I have a clear out I'm planning to buy a yoga mat to try and keep calm and healthy without wearing myself out.

  • Seems you are on the right track then, as long as you keep moving forward you will be fine

    It just takes a little bit of effort to make a big difference.

    If you ever need to chat about things don't be afraid to pop on here and give me a shout. I know what it's like to go through this so hopefully I can help.

  • Also you asked what throws me off. Well, it's normally either a sick bug or throat problem, a night terror, an anxiety attack or overwhelming coursework.

  • Yes I know what you mean, I'm just getting over a bug myself, the throat thing is very common with anxiety but you should get it checked out every so often just to put your mind at ease. I don't get the night terror stuff but maybe you counsellor will help you with that, it's probably an anxiety thing too.

  • hi, im 17 too and i too went through the same lately and i have the same symptoms for panic attacks. at night while going off to sleep i feel like someone is watching me and i have these nightmares and im really afraid to sleep alone but i still so to get over this and i too have my lights on and i read something which helps me put myself to sleep. it does get scary. and i it was yesterday when i had three panic attacks in the morning. its bad but talking actually helps and even going out with someone and just getting out of ur house actually helps. i dont have a big social circle since i did things cz of being in depression and my friends actually cut me off. but i have ppl who care and i guess that's all that matters right?

    and have you tried talking to your partner about this? does he support you? cause if he does then possibly its the best thing. i too tried doing so but like he says im overthinking and he thinks im running back into my past when its not the same but if your partner is supportive it really helps so i prefer you should try talking to him.

    and im 17 and i get it that ppl dont take us seriously but if you have an elder sibling whom you're close to might help! and if your mom/dad is close to u then try talking to them!!

    i hope you are okay. you're not alone!! take care.

  • Hey, thanks for sharing. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this but I really hope you feel better soon! I'm quite the loner and my social circle is lovely and some sort of understand but I just don't want to talk to them about it cause of how they thought helping me was in the past. And yes I've kind of spoken to my partner and my mum about it - both are wonderful and try their best to understand but I know they don't cause they've never experienced this level of anxiety before. I must admit sleeping with somebody beside me does help only slightly. I am the eldest sibling and I Try to keep this stuff away from my little sisters and brothers. Once again thank you for your input.. That alone really helps ! I'll try talk to selective people more.

  • no actually it feels good if you feel good... and well i too talk to selective people and im happy if they are at least trying to understand and help you cause some people dont even have that much also right? and yeah well you are doing a great job as a big sister. i hope you luck for the future and may you get wel soon!!

  • Hi I've had the same, after a stomach bug I now have bad anxiety and always feel racing heart etc dizzy light headed, horrible

  • same Nathsam46 all started after this cold/flu i had about 4/5 weeks ago scince then dizziness/ lightheaded / off balance / nauseous

  • Yeh the light headed stuff is the scariest for me :( I have blocked sinus now too and never usually get that :/, been checked over as always think the worst and docs say I'm fine :/ weird, how you feeling now then

  • yeah me too :/ oh really that's probably why you're more light headed with the blocked sinus , whereas i sit and think why am i dizzy and stuff if my sinuses or ears arnt blocked :/

    yeah docs done checks with me and said i'm fine when i had the cold they said it was just a virus, had my eyes checked & they're fine too it's just so scary , at the moment i feel on and off dizziness & abit of sore throat

  • Hope u feel better soon, so many things can set it off

  • Does yours also play up when you lay and chill with eyes closed? :(

  • Yeah it can

  • Bugger lol

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