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Anxiety turns out to be thyroid

So after 2 years of suffering with HELL where I was told how ill I was feeling was down to stress and anxiety, I get my blood test results after collapsing at home today and find out I have a severely underactive thyroid. Beginning a course of life long tablets and monitoring to get my thyroxine up to normal levels and finally seeing an end to this hell.

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Really pleased for you Clobo. I must admit I've had 2 or 3 tests over the years in the hope that thyroid issues would be the answer to my problems, but no such luck.

But it's good news for you, especially once your levels are established.

Best wishes, Cat x



Sometimes , not all the time though anxiety can be caused by an underlying health problem so it is always worth asking your Doctor to check your health in general & sorry yours was missed & you had to suffer for so long when it could have been avoided

I am glad you have your answer to how you have been feeling & I hope now with treatment life just keeps getting better & better for you :-)

Take Care x


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