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Can anxiety make you cry out of no where?

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There was a morning when I woke up feeling so dead tired and exhausted. It confused me because I recently heard news I had been waiting months to get and I was super excited because I was leaving the two toxic jobs I had been working at for a year and a half. But that morning I barely dragged myself to work and within the first half hour of being there, all I wanted to do was lie down and cry. I had to ask my boss if I could go home because I couldn't concentrate on work and I was really trying hard not to bawl my eyes out in front of her asking if I could go home. When I was alone I did cry and just cried for the next several hours and barely moved from the couch. Has anyone experienced this?

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Unfortunately i do most days at work its sad i do understand where you are coming from i wish u the best

Yes I certainly know the feeling of crying out of nowhere and constantly. Well I wont say out of nowhere for me because I know Im feeling a certain way (usually sad, hurt, disappointed, discouraged) and I'd just cry instantly. Its definitely for me between depression and anxiety that does it.

I wish us the best through this....

Thanks. Me too. Sometimes I just feel like I cry so easily now. Just now, I was on the phone with my mom complaining about how disappointing this weekend was and I was crying. I just wish I could turn it off sometimes, you know?

Yesss i understand. I cry so easily too. Anything makes me cry now. Ive cried so much for days when my anxiety is really bad which also brings on depression. And I'll just cry at the drop of a dime. Like crying so hard. I can literally be anywhere and if it hits me to cry I'll cry.

Same!! And then I'm left so exhausted the rest of the day and I feel embarrassed, even if no one saw me cry. It's like that logical part of my brain is saying "why are you so upset about this? This is nothing. Get over yourself." Ughhhh.

Yes. Me too. I was saying to myself recently how I feel like a coward because of how ashamed I am that everything has me so afraid and crying. But I remember someone said thar crying is a way to let it out and let that tension out so atleast I can say I may be getting something good out of it. Smh.

Yeah, I'll try to remember that. Thanks for chatting with me. I hope you have a good rest of your day and you feel better <3

You're welcome. Hope your days get better too

I'm sorry to hear that you feel like crying so much lately. Sometimes crying is a sign of anxiety or being overwhelmed. Have you ever considered counseling? Therapists are helpful in offering ways to cope with difficult situations.

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Hey, I have thought about therapy. But every time I start to look, I get overwhelmed by how many there are and then I get cold feet, and think, "well maybe I don't need one, I just need to focus on the positives more, or try this other self motivating thing." Although, since I have found this site, I've definitely felt an improvement being able to talk with people who understand. :)

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I'm glad that you found this site. You could give counseling a try. might be helpful for you.

I think crying can be healthy sometimes, it clears the bottled up emotions.

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Yeah, I think that's true too. And I don't always understand or listen to my emotions either.

I do know what you are talking about!! It feels like it comes from nowhere, but really it is from keeping things suppressed, not talking about them, worrying about it, stress, etc. and then it all just gushes out. It is good to cry, but when it happens all the time, something needs to be done. Have you gone to a counselor? Or asked about medicine? I am praying you feel better!

Thanks you! This doesn't happen in too much frequency. The last time when it was really bad was I had just told my toxic work environment that I was leaving to go work a new job and I thought things were finally getting better, so when I woke up that morning crying I was so confused - like, I'm supposed to be happy and excited I'm moving up in my career! I have thought about talking to a counselor - and I'm still thinking about it. I know it would probably be good for me but every time I go to look for one I'm overwhelmed by all the options and I hear about how people don't always find the right therapist at first and then I get cold feet and stop looking. And then I think, well maybe I just need to do this, or try this. Although since I found this site, it's made a difference in my well being and its been really nice to connect with people going through similar feelings. I hope you have a good day <3

Hell yes.

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Every time I would look up the symptoms of anxiety attacks, I wouldn't get a ton, or any at all, that would say you'd break out crying out of no where. This is really reassuring to know that I am not the only one who deals with this.

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Hi Library Love,

At times I get so overwhelmed with the stress and tension that goes with anxiety that there are times when I well up with tears and let it all hang out. It's the physical release. Remember that our nervous systems are taxed with anxiety...then that creates muscle fatigue and other physical discomforts as well.

Crying is a good thing. It's ok. It's good.

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Thank you for your kindess <3 <3 Reading this made me want to cry lol.

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