My anxiety has lately risen

I am trying hard to talk control of my anxiety, my b12 is right down and my iron levels are right down drastically. I have been on pain control medication codeine up to 8 a day, and norspan 20mg due to painful hip operation due. I have fought so hard to get myself under control since battling divorce now this. I feel as though I can not take much more pain, I thought divorce was painful but bone pain beats everything, I keep telling myself I can get through this, I battled a divorce including domestic violence. I am trying so hard to stay strong and in control. I use my relaxation cd's and write poetry. Any others tip also breathing techniques.


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  • I hope you feel better soon. I lived threw domestic violence too. Happened 20 years ago but I still need to drink with a straw became of the jaw damage. I cycle a lot threw my emotions and they hurt my health- and for.... Nothing! I know,that nothing is to be gained but it is very hard just the same. I sincerely hope you feel better soon.❤️

  • Thanks for your reply there is many of us out there, my health at the moment is a result of my life before. I know it is makes me angry but I battle through. Just things are so hard at the moment getting better hopefully

  • Hi,

    Where do I start.....I have Sarcoidosis, COPD, Chrones and Addison's. They all play with my B12, my iron and of course the pain is unbelievable. I decided that it was up to me to take I keep myself as busy as I can. There are days that my body doesn't want to "move" so I have gone on line and signed up with sites that have "at home" jobs. I type very I sit and type. The days I feel better I do what I can....whether it be cleaning my house, planting flowers outside or just taking a short walk around my neighborhood. If I feel down I play music on my stereo to cheer myself up or give a friend who knows me and my conditions a call to cheer myself up! I made a pack with myself to try to avoid "talking about my conditions or how bad I feel"...the more you talk about it...the worst things get. Get your mind off of it and live your life! I hope this helps for you too! Try your best to take control and tell your body that you are in charge! Good luck to you! Feel better!

  • I need to feel better starting to climb that mountain waiting on a hospital date organising myself and home.

  • My heart goes out to you. I've known pain but not what you have. I know anxiety but don't share your history or story. It all comes down to the same thing though. Pain, anxiety and a sense of hopelessness. I know that women are tough, much tougher than they believe they can ever be. I know that it is vital to know that things WILL GET BETTER! My daughter (40 yrs old) had to have hip surgery recently...she was in terrible pain before and her recovery is going slowly BUT it is getting better. She does her physical therapy and tries to stay as busy and active as she can. Yoga has helped her - it is something that she really believes in. When you find that one thing that you believe helps DO IT! You are active and determined. That means that you will win this battle. You can't go under it, over it or around it. You have to go through it. Don't try to rush just go through it. One day at a time. I am dealing with some health issues right now that are challenging me every day. I just keep reminding myself that it takes time to heal. And posting on this site is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself. Share your fears but also share your victories - no matter how small. We all need to hear about the moments when we WIN!

  • such encouragement thank you

  • when I recover I will share more thank you

  • Things I find helpful. Have you ever seen the movie "The Secret"? Anyway, it has helped me immensely. Also check out Adam Dreamhealer (online, books and DVDs), and "The Reconnection" by Dr. Eric Pearl. They leave me feeling inspired and on cloud 9. Good luck to you, and wishing you the best.

  • will do thanks, the re connections sound interesting

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