I've got severe anxiety

I think I've got it all. I Get Palpitations After A Few Sips Of coffee. Headaches for no reason. Chest pain that feels like a heart attack, depression that can leave me in tears for days, sharp pains in my left shoulder for months, vibration and fast/hard heartbeats for no reason. Sometimes trying to fall asleep I twitch so hard I wake up, I get these exciting like sensations for no reason. I feel foggy. Or dizzy sometimes. Or get a quick dizzy spell that comes and goes. Anyone else a basket case like me? Lately I noticed my new symptom was bad gas pressure under my rib cage sometimes. I just want to be hopeful. I had my anxiety under control until having kids, really set it off! Also I noticed some of the worst times comes just before or after a menstrual cycle. But not always. Seems like every couple of months my body snaps and I lose control over everything! I had blood work, EKG. ... all normal

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  • Most of the problems you suffer are caused by anxiety.

    Have you discussed this with your GP ??

    Make an appointment, there are coping exercises that may help and also medications that will help settle you down


  • I have discussed this with my GP, i always feel like I'm crazy, seems like I get bad imbalance once or twice a year that sets me back. As I could go months without symptoms. I had anxiety since I was 8, and again when I was 15, as I was going through puberty. I had lost a very close family member and best friend last year, along with having a very traumatic emergency c section, after these events my mind has slipped into anxiety world

  • Hello

    You will need to explain why you are feeling the way you are. Sad I see you have had a great deal of upset, so you really need some talking therapy to put all your problems in perspective. If in the past you have suffered anxiety then the GP will know you medical history and you should explain the feelings and their causes to Him.

    You have many people here who will give you support. I recommend that you be kind to yourself and if possible talk to someone who is close and understanding of your problems, if possible


  • I did therapy for 5 months. And it was hard for me to open up and talk to someone about all my problems. But yet it was so easy to just spill them all out too. Just as I began to love going to therapy, my counselor moved. So now I'm just lost because I would absolutely hate to start all over again with another counselor. I feel like I would just be repeating and having to go and live in all the bad memories that I don't want to think about again. So this is why I reached out to a forum. It just seemed easier and relieving

  • Are you on medication for your anxiety? I have those symptoms off and on. Try and reduce your caffeine intake because that will trigger all your symptoms. Having my kids set off my anxiety as well. I feel like I'm a constant worrying mess that something is wrong with me. I told my doctor that their therapy ain't working so he upped my meds :) I think it's helping. Good luck!!! We can all fight this!

  • I do take Lorazapam for now. I also forgot to mention I have a pill phobia. In the beginning I wouldn't take nothing. Even after having a c section I refused any pain meds causing my body to be in total severe pain. If you wonder why I have a pill phobia. It developed after losing several family/friends to overdoses. Although I know myself better then that, I'm always in fear of becoming attached bc a bad addiction runs in my family. Almost every family member of mine has been or is addicted to drugs or alcohol

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