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Anxiety has hit big time

Not to clever this morning:( anxiety has hit a high... Doctor said nothing wrong...pain I'm feeling is just my hormones ... We're talking boobies here ladies... that's where the pain is... it comes and goes... I've checked ....hubby checked... Doctor checked....nothing medically wrong. Keep telling myself it's fine stop worrying.. Anxiety takes over... Doing my breathing and trying to keep busy... So tierd ... Roll on Thursday so I can get this over with. Sorry I'm going on abit hope you are all ok xxxx

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Hormones do cause this as you no

Now the doctor has checked & they do no what they are checking for & they have said everything is ok

Its this scan thats played on your mind since the letter ?

Remember , they havnt called you because they think you have cancer , its because you have hit that wonderful age when we have to go & get something else out :D

I no its easy for me to say , but this will come back fine :)

Wait till they get you in those positions , it doesnt hurt , but I thought what the heck , arm up here , turn to the side , I thought I am not double jointed you no :-/

You go on all you like , hope we can help , or raise a smile :)





Thanks whywhy... This all happened before the letter.... so when the letter arrived,my anxiety went through the roof... I know it will be ok . If I didn't have the pain I think I could of handled things alittle better:( Did you go to the hospital or did you go to one of these screening vans? Reason why I ask is hubby wants to come with me and I don't know what the procedure is .. I've got to go to a screening van which is at the back of our big tesco. Suppose I could get the shopping when done:) xxx


Love your sense of humor , just do a bit of shopping as well , well why not , save time :D

I went to the hospital , they were lovely & I am sure if I had wanted anyone to go in with me they wouldnt have objected

They are very sensitive towards you , i am sure they would let him come in with you if thats what you wanted :)



Ok thanks for that Hun :) That's nice to know. I may witter on until I've been... Nice to know I can talk to someone about this:) xxx


Witter away hun , its fine & if it helps any & gets you through this , then it will be worth it :)

They are very nice though , I was surprised , & if its at the hospital or in a van at the back of Tesco's :-/ I am sure they will be just as considerate :)



Thanks Hun...means a lot xxxx


Hi yummimummy, I had this done few months ago, I also get the odd pain and ache mostly on the left side, but results were clear, think I was more worried about being half naked in front of a total stranger than the actual scan :D mine was done in one of the van things, local so not far to go you just check in with receptionist and wait till your called to the changing room, get ready then go into scanning room then it only takes about 10 minutes if that, got my results about week later :)

Mimii xx


Thank you Mimii, This is my first scan and I'm a bit nervous:/ Not good with things like this. I've had some lovely support on here though:) Got a holiday to look forward to, so I'm keeping positive:) xx


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