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Anybody else feel this way? Venting.

It’s like you recognize the anxiety holds you back but you refuse to stop being anxious because you feel it protects you from what you’re anxious about.

Side note: tomorrow is Easter and I’ve been taking so much time off of work to combat anxiety. It’s been bad. My boyfriend has been housing me and my family is so beyond over hearing about my health anxiety. I feel really alone. I’m afraid of going to Easter tomorrow because I’m so sensitive right now and Zoloft isn’t making me feel good. I don’t want to cry or have anyone point out how anxiety has effected me. I’ve dropped weight from anxiety and I’ll cry if somebody brings it up. I miss myself so much.. the past couple months have sucked.

I go from being scared of every symptom ever. One minute it’s me getting petrified I have epilepsy. Then it’s that I’m crazy. Then it’s that the doctor missed something. Then I freak out from Zoloft side effects. I don’t even know what to do anymore but I hate feeling like this empty shell.

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Hi there,

You’ve just perfectly explained how I’ve been feeling! Anxiety is so weird and terrifying!

I hope you have been feeling better since your post.

I completely understand where you are coming from and am the same! It is so frustrating! It’s like being stuck in a constant vicious cycle and some days possibly by luck you manage to break free until it draws you back in again.

Currently, I’m stuck in the cycle! As much as I am trying my best to distract myself and enjoy my Easter holidays with my family and friends I can’t. I’m too worried about how I’m feeling and what I’m experiencing.

I keep zoning out and I’ve completely lost my appetite. I don’t want to fall asleep at night and end up falling asleep around 6am yet I don’t want to wake up in the mornings and sleep till 3pm! My whole life is a mess right now.

I’m sorry you’ve been feeling this way but I really hope you feel better in the coming days and I know for a fact you won’t feel like this forever.

We and so many other people are in this together and we’ve got to help and support each other during our times when we feel extremely exhausted and fed up.

I am here for you if you would ever like to talk on message!

You have both described it so well!

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I hope you’re ok!!

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Oh my gosh you are so so nice. I feel a bit better than when I posted.

How was your Easter? I ended up going to my boyfriend’s family but talked to mine. ❤️

I also went through a spell where I lost my appetite and I’m struggling to put weight back on! The weight loss really scared me a lot (it was probably 6 pounds but it just looks more drastic). I’ve been zoning out, too :( Zoloft makes it worse.

I’m here for you! Please message me whenever you need to talk ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so sorry you’re hurting and maybe I can offer you insight!!

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Even on Easter, you have all of us here’s

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Aw, thanks, Darryl :)

I THINK YOU HAVE PUT INTO WORDS SOME OF MY PROBLEM, I have chronic pelvic pain [since August 18] I need to use the loo each hour daytime and sometimes 20 minutes/hour night time. I get up and dressed etc each morning and then I lie down and relax and dose for an hour, I seem to revive in the afternoon and manage to go to a supermarket [toilets] or do washing etc. I smile and reject any notion I am not OK. BUT I am in constant pain I have engaged in CBT with good results [?] and I have had two sessions with a good specialist

nurse who suggests vulvodynia, but nothing confirmed, I will get an appointment with a physio in a "few" months. I have a good helpful GP. I take sertraline for my mood. I am prescribed amptripline for pain but have stopped taking this as I felt my mind didn't belong to me anymore!

I feel if I could take charge of my situation perhaps things would improve but after a day or two I realise I'm using the pain and fatigue to escape from the world. I don't switch the radio or tv on any more.

I want to encourage those who recognise the subject of a total body health, the mind and matter are working together but how do we all get out of this trap before the pattern is so well practised we havn't a chance.

good luck to you all Kalamunda

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Thanks so much for your comment! I hope you’re ok!!! Anything I can do to help?

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