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Head throbbing

I have suffered with anxiety and panic disorder now for about 3 years since the birth of my son.

Just recently I have started getting throbbing and pressure sensations in my head, like I can feel my heart beating through my head. Sometimes I get dizzy, but it's mostly just the head pressure.

Is this common with anxiety or do I have a serious medical problem, because I'm afraid the doctor just keeps palming me off because I suffer with anxiety. Thanks a lot.

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It's always good to rule other things out, head pressure and headaches are definitely anxiety symptoms. I myself suffered head pressure for 3 weeks strait and the more I focused on it the worse it got. I noticed that when I was distracted I wouldn't feel it so I stopped focusing on my head (which is hard) and the feeling went away.


Throbbing in ur head would also be caused by anxiety due it generally raising ur blood pressure and pulse rate which is a perfectly normal reaction to stress and worry


If you can, go see a neurotologist and rule out an inner ear disorder. I finally got diagnosed after two years of weird symptoms. You can get little tears in your tympanic membrane, etc. They can happen when a woman gives birth, or when a person flies in an airplane, etc. They cause a lot of various symptoms. You might also check out You can read about various inner ear problems and their symtoms.

Good luck!


Thank you, I went to see my doctor yesterday and he's referred me to have these checks at the hospital, they're going to rule out all possibilities but it could be that I have an inner ear problem as I get pressure in my ears. Had full bloods too, a proper mot . It has eased my anxiety and strangely I feel fine today... touch wood!


It's definitely worth looking into. Inner ear problems are hard to diagnose, even when you have a great specialist. Even though I have an inner ear problem, they can't say for sure what is causing it. But at least I have been able to do some things now that have helped. They were able to put me on some medicine and I am doing some physical therapy for balance and vision that will help my brain cope better. So far it seems to be helping. I wish you the best of luck and hope they are able to determine what might be causing your symptoms. I have had numerous blood tests, MRIs, CT scans, etc. for the last two years. Nothing conclusive. But when they have me do the balance tests, I can't do them. I lose my balance. Inner ear disorders can be quite a mystery and leave a person what a panoply of symptoms.


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