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Dizzy, Blood Rushing Through My Head, Pressure In My Head


I know what anxiety is and this is definitely NOT anxiety!

The doctors say it is a Chiari Malformation and a Psudo Tumor. I get dizzy, lightheaded and feel faint. I have the feeling of drunkenness - without having consumed any alcohol! It's a "Crowded" feeling around the eyes.

I fall down. I get to the point of almost fainting. I can hear and feel the blood rushing through my head. The pressure in my head is so intense I can barely tolerate it at times. It makes me nauseous and causes blurry vision. There is pain behind my right eye. The pain and pressure is so intense it feels as though my eye will eject right out of its socket. There is so much pressure in my brain. There is not enough room in my skull to accommodate the size of my brain. The pain is maddening. Pure maddening! Sometimes I sit as still as I can and count the throbbing pulses behind my ears just to keep from focusing on the pain. Sometimes my face swells up. That's why every picture that is taken of me looks different. Between the constant migraines and the pressure and pain in my head (AND YES THEY ARE SEPARATE) I am in real trouble here!

My Neurosurgeon told me that if my symptoms get worse, come back to see him... WOW, If they get any worse, I may be dead! I feel I am headed towards death soon. Not by my own doing but because these doctors will not listen to me! They will not help me. I thought they took an oath to help people.

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How were you diagnosed with this? I feel like I have many of your symptoms, but my doctors won't even do tests cause they just blame my anxiety on everything.

TorreTorre in reply to Thelobo54

For almost 3 years I nagged my pain management doctor and my family physician to do something, anything and they never would listen but I was persistent and I kept on and on and on and on and on about it. I can't have an MRI because I have a stimulator implant in my spine so he did that test where they inject your spine with some kind of fluid/dye and then they do a scan like that I forgot what it's called though. After that my pain management doctor diagnosed the pseudotumor, Chiari malformation and neck herniations. The Chiari malformation is about 8 millimeters which isn't huge but it isn't small either.

After that he sent me to a neurosurgeon where I was told that I could have a surgery to open up the back of my skull to allow room because my brain was too big and pushing into my spinal canal. Having brain surgery sounded extreme and scary to me so I didn't really want to do it at that time, however, now I am having second thoughts and I really want to get this taken care of. It's too much. The pain is too much.

I don't have a lot of money so I had to stop seeing a lot of my doctors. As soon as my husband gets his income tax back I am going back and I'm going to have the surgery. Human beings were not meant to live like this. Life has to have a certain quality to it to Keep people going. I am going to do this despite my fears in hopes of a better tomorrow.

If anyone has a doctor that refuses to listen to you, fire them and find a good doctor who will listen. We pay our health care providers to take care of us and they seem to forget that WE EMPLOY THEM!

Are they giving you any treatment? Chiari and pseudo tumor are both treatable, they should give you something

Although everyone is different in what they have from a health perspective, it is always good to get checked out by a doctor to ensure there is nothing to be concerned with.

These symptoms are very closely related to anxiety which is why your doctor believed it was this. not sure how you came to the conclusion of Psudo tumor but I imagine and MRI or CT scan was what uncovered it. Glad you found it in time. Have faith in the good Lord and God and you will see things will get better.

I worked for a neurologist, I would most definitely get a second opinion to make sure. Did they did an MRI or CAT scan?

There is so many things it could be and anxiety could be a big part or all of it and of course worrying about it makes the anxiety, headaches and everything just so much more worse. I would try a second opinion and gave them run the test but also look at the CD'S them selves not just read a report.

I wish you all the best, you are in my prayers. God Bless

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