Hi I'm new here but found this site when trying to find out what's causing my dizziness. I have had it now for 10 years, some days I'm fine but other days I feel so dizzy, sick, brain fog, and shaky and feel I'm going to die and to many other symptoms to mention. I have also had every test known to man and been told its anxiety (which I find very hard to believe). doctors have said there is nothing they can do and gave me clitapram which seemed to help for about 2-3 months but now it's back with a vengeance. It's stopped me from living a normal life, I can't go out and enjoy myself as I have panic attacks and it's just stopping me from doing everything. It effects my job but have to keep going because I support my family. I just hope one day they can find a cure as sometimes it makes me feel it just ain't worth it.

Thanks for listening.


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  • Today i went to the Doc's and was told that my blood pressure was normal but my pulse level was weak.

    I feel dizzy when i stand up.

    She asked me to exercise and change my lifestyle and diet.

    Hope it helps..

  • Hello

    Firstly i am sorry to read you are having such a bad time with this,anxiety can be such a destructive force that it can leave you totally demoralized.

    I myself have been battling anxiety for years and can totally understand what you are going through.

    Now the trick is dealing with this so you can lead a normal life,so i need to stress that you are a normal person like me,its how we perceive threat to ourselves in our daily life's that makes anxiety so hard to control.

    When we feel strange sensations in our bodies we will usually always in some way question WHY AM I FEELING LIKE THIS,now this is when WE must take control,WE are NOT going to die,what we are experiencing is the FIGHT OR FLIGHT dilemma that our minds fling at us at any RANDOM time.

    Trying to find what triggers the anxiety can be very helpful but i think its more important in how we deal with the attacks,We must learn to relax,to not over think why we are anxious,and to try and decrease stress.I think you need more support and understanding and a nice break away from it all for a while.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    take care


  • Thanks Colin much appreciated

  • I have had the exact same problem for almost 10 years myself. 8 years ago I was diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder. My dizziness and other symptoms still happen on a regular basis but my doctor placed me on paxil which has helped a great deal. I still suffer day to day but its managable now. I still have anxiety attacks and some days are worse than others. I have also found coping techniques as well. This site has really helped because it reasures me that im not alone.

  • Thank you for your reply it does help when people with the same problems know what your going through. Until I found this site I thought it was just me that had these problems.

  • Hello Kieronnell,

    It sound like you, like you are going through a very difficult period in your life and too much going on and leaving very little space for you to be yourself and breath or feel yourself. Therefore creating anxiety and panic attack and loos the will to carry on.

    I just wanted to say it ok to feel that way, few years ago I too went through something similar, then one day I told myself, I am going to make some changes. I starting to do some breathing exercised every morning that slowed my panic attacks. Then watched some went to the local library for some book, to help me and sometimes I use to go for walks in the park or sit on the bench and watch the people go pass. This helped me get some prospective on my life. Now I am having counselling to help me manage my day to day life.

    You take some tips from my learning if you wish but do it the way that suite you or do what every gives you simple pleasure to manage your anxiety. As I have learned sometimes you have to do what you feel and not worry about what others think or say. Because at one point or the other they did the same thing but just did not tell you about it.

    All the best


  • Thanks I will try and take your advice but I just can't seem to control it even how hard I try

  • Kieronneill, It will be hard at the beginning, just think about it for the first week,if you can do it. Then the following week, start doing small about of breathing or walking or what form of exercise that makes you happy. But don't focus so much on doing it right away, take small step to create that though in your mind and ask yourself if want that change in your currently life first. Then imagine you doing that breathing exercise, then in your imagination, imagine how you feel as you doing that exercise. Ask yourself do like it or not. If don't like it then change that imaginary picture and create a new one. Then finally someone you like the picture and you feel you would be happy to do that exercise, then give it a go.

    The more you do this, the more encouraged your body and mind will be to make it part of your habit. Try this method for a month and let me know if you want if it works or not and I could give you other tips, I had tried.

    Wish you all the best. As I know it is not easy to manage life when there is so much happening in your mind, body not to mention the demand family and friends and work place on one individual.


  • I have had the same problem for 10 years as well. I was told it was vertigo at first but then after countless numbers of test I was told it was anxiety. I have taken several different meds over the years for anxiety and a couple took my dizziness away completely for some time. I even went about 3 years with not one dizzy spell and then out of the blue I had a severe panic attack and the dizziness came back. I was put on some other meds and now I get them but not as often. Have you tried any anxiety meds?

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