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Health anxiety is ruining my life


Right, if I said my whole story I'd honeslty be here for days but I'm a 15 year old girl and right now I feel like I'm on the edge and I can't cope any more! I constantly feel like I'm going to pass out, constant headaches and feeling generally ill and this has been happening for the past couple of weeks 24/7 !!! It won't go away and I'm sick of it. School is so hard, some days I physically force myself to go but just feel like I'm going to die when I get there. Some days i cry and and cry to my mum and she'll scream back at me and say I cant have any more days off school. I'm not even going into any of my lessons because I panic way too much, I just have one to one with a teacher but I still panic there, just not as bad.

Today was horrendous! I woke up feeling the same as I have done for the past three weeks but I forced myself to go with all my mental and physical strength but I ended up lasting 30 minutes before I was screaming I was going to pass out and I wanted to go home. My mum took me to the hospital then and they didn't help at all, they did a few tests and all came back normal! My mum is at her wits end with me and has sent me off to my nans until she can cope herself. Tomorrow I have to catch a bus to school and get there myself, I have no idea how too and it's all out of routine and makes me so stressed ( I have ocd ) and I feel like I'm going to die.

Someone please help, I can go on much longer!!!!!

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I know exactly how you feel honestly,

There's some days I feel fine, then there's some days I feel like I'm dying or I'm really scared for no apparent reason, Like if I have heart burn I'll think I'm having a heart attack, if I have a headache I think it's something much worse,

It's usually your over anxious mind looking for things to worry about,

I know how it feels to feel that way, I know you want to just go to a doctor and have them run tests from my experience you'll be fine It'll be hard to focus and keep yourself from feeling the way that you do but just try to remain positive,

If you feel like it's really serious then get a check up . !

Thank you so much! I really hope you feel better very soon! It's a horrible thing.

Thank you (:

Hope you feel better as well . !

Thank you!! :)

I had the same thing, only my mum never made me go to school. I wanted to go so badly, but in the car on the way to school, I would get very very anxious. My palms would sweat, my whole body would shake, I wouldn't be able to breath properly, and then when we got to the school, I could rarely actually get out of the car. I would usually cry and mum would just take me home again.

I tried to face school. But the thing was, I didn't hate school. I loved going to see my friends, and learning. But anxiety sucks, it does stupid things that we will never be able to explain. I stopped going to school half way through grade 10 (15 years old), three years ago, before then I barely went anyway.

I think you're being so strong. And your mum is just trying to give you the best life she can, wanting you to have a good education. Having anxiety can be tough, not only on the victim, but to their friends and family as well.

It's probably best to sit down with your mum and talk about what happens when you get anxious to go to school, and that you can't explain it. It's good to talk things out to the people who want to help you but don't fully understand your situation.

Chin up, It gets easier with the support of friends and family <3 xo

Thank you, this really helped me <3 it's nice to see that someone finally understands :) I really hope we can be free of this soon!

Oh sweetheart have you been to gp you are to young to suffer like this you can try herbal remedies rescue remedies ,very good and kalms , but i realy think you should get your mum to take you gp if you havent already been you need to talk to a professional health expert , good luck and godbless ,

I have been to the gp many times and they don't know what to do with me :( but thank you <3

Hey I feel for you I'm totally the same and no one will ever understand untill they've been through it. You need to get he book Paul David at last a life it helps to understand our illness a little better. Go and see ur doctor for councilling anything worth a try I've suffered a year and I no what ur going through I horrible keep ur head up Hun into this was posted over a year ago how are you now hope ur better.

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