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Suffered from Ibs for 45 years anyone who has found relief please get in touch . Had many oscopies ,all to the same conclusion. I do not get constipation or diarrhoea , just periodic bouts of bloating and pain.

Have tried diets, medication all sorts. I can go weeks in between a bout and then whoops here we go again. Joined IBS network . I feel so miserable and tired sometimes it goes off after a few days . I can suffer sometimes for two or three weeks. So unpredictable..

I can get it when I am not stressed so don,t think that is a problem


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Have u tried probiotics, not the drinks but tablets which have far more good bacteria in them. I use them and they make a huge difference. Xx


They did make a big difference to start with, thought I had cracked it once again. However lie all tried and tested stuff, still comes back again, although I still persevere with them.

Thanks for getting back to me.


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