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Health anxiety - painful abdomen

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I had my first CBT session this week and started to feel a little more positive. However today I'm in so much pain, ive been having really bad period pains and tummy cramps for months now. Gp just dismisses them as anxiety, normal or IBS but its getting me down now. I don't want to keep going back to the doctor but wondered if anyone else suffers with the same pains and it is anxiety.

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same as what doc tells me... has it last 4 months in my pelvis and lower back! it kills xx

When u say pelvis do u mean like a heavy sensation

I'm not sure if same but I get the feeling I need the toilet to open bowels all the time it's stressing me out as I think ive got bowel cancer big mistake off googling. I get a feeling of period pains as well even when not due on

Rio II had this a while ago and was told it was IBS as it causes cramping like period pains and creates a sudden urge or feeling you need the loo when really you don't. Have you tried IBS medication?? I had buscopan & mebeverine x

I had pelvic pains before (not to worry you ) but for was because I had colitis , the other was because I had eh ..BV . :/ I'm embarrassed to say lol but yeah other than my menstrual , anxiety doesn't give me pelvic cramps , but everyone is different . I have health anxiety myself , so I don't want to worry you. Those were my situations though . If it's stress, get a heating pad & lay down or drink some ginger tea . That helps. Make sure it's ginger only or maybe boil hot water & get some ginger root & grate it ( think that's the term ) it'll relieve the ache .oh & BV ( bacteriol vaginosis) << I didn't know you could cramp from that lol . Anyways I hope you feel better 💞💞

no rio this is pain that i seems to move in pelvis... its like a burning feeling and it hurts and then its round by me ovaries and bladder and its really painful plus j get low back ache... doc thinks its my hralth anxiety but no its somethin but dont kno what and haf it 4 months !! obviously we think the worst and its scary !!

Mines a burning pain too just like miffo describes. Hippiee I've had BV too in the past and did wonder about that. Canestan do a test for it now and I tried that and it was negative for thrush and bv. I'm at doctors tomorrow so will see what he says. For me I'm worried as I've had a bladder infection, first lot of antibiotics didn't touch it, second do seem to have helped but I'm paranoid about checking my wee now as the only symptom I had of the UTI was cloudy urine

Yep..I was going to guess BV , but anxiety could bring about cramps or discomfort in the abdominal area. It could be an UTI like you said, too.

I'm currently taking buscapon see how that goes. I've lost my appetite as well though so I'm a little worried. There is a bug going round though so I will see how I feel this weekend and if no change I'm off to doctors

Miffo 80 how is your appetite and weight and have you been to hospital to be checked out

hi rio... my appetite is normal eattin loads lol and my weight is fine no change... just constant paun for 4 months and its bad... doc dont seem worried at all ... but i am ... obviously i have googled everything and thats the worst thing u can ever do!! does anyone else google ?? do.u?? and lynne?

I'm terrible for googling things it brings all sorts up what scares me :( that's why I'm like i am now

Its hard not to google. My therapist told me to think of something you know you definitely haven't got and Google that. You'll soon see that google convinces you that you have that illness as you'll have most of the symptoms it lists x

Just top add I had awful period style camps in abdomen for over a year, doc found nothing had tests etc. Years later I had ahem constipation and there it was again! Do get checked out but sometimes even minor things can cause incredible pain.

And by the way my cure for it these days is to drink a pint of water, I mean just drink it normally not down it like a shot, and then another one. Drink drink drink and the problem clears itself.

Thanks did they just say it was anxiety then?

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