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Is it Anxiety or IBS?

I'm not sure what to think. I have had anxiety since I was a child, so I do know how I feel when I have it. But more recently I have had new things occur. I am overly gassy and constipated and feel just sick in general lately. And it is painful after I eat, which makes my anxiety rise. I'm not sure if it's just my health anxiety kicking in or if it is IBS at all.

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Hi Phannum x i to have had anxiety since a child, but more so in the last year to the point where I have lost control with it, I began to suffer with bloating and terrible constipation, i never have days where i am 100% x In the last few weeks i have noticed that i cannot eat the foods i used to love as it triggers terrible indigestion x it begins with a pain in my mid back which then crushes and spreads up over, then get heartburn and burp a lot xx its all anxiety related as i had an ecg to check and they can uncover past heart problems and i was clear of all x It all came down to the eating, basically what was happening was with my anxiety i was easting fast and gulping down a lot of air with it x and then it was triggering the indiegestion xx hope this helps xx Donver x


Sounds like ibs to me.

I was doubled up in pain so bad once, I thought I was having heart atttack. Xx



I get IBS & it does sound like it to me as well

See your GP , they can give you things to help with it

I no when I am anxious it is a lot worse than when I am calmer

Also it was advised that I made sure I ate slowly & chewed my food well

I do notice certain foods make it worse which took a while to work out which ones , but if you can take notice if that may be the same for you it could help

Let us no how you go on






Its sounds like ibs to me too, I find mine is worse when I am stressed and that it can also be triggered by certain foods (mainly bread and greasy foods) or when I am run down. My doctor prescribed me mebeverine when I had my last bad attack which work well to stop the bloating and I also find probiotics help

Jules x


Hi I get terrible bloating when I have been a passenger in a car. I find I am so tensed up my stomach gets so blown up. A paramedic recently told my Daughter that there is No IBS or Ulcerative Colitis and its now being treated as Ceoliacs disease due to Wheat intolerance . Although I have not heard or read that this is true. X


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