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Need your feedback on IBS PLEASE! Help me understand

I think I developed IBS whole i experienced a couple of months of severe anxiety and panic attacks. I had all the symptoms for about 3 months and they went away for about 3 months. I got sick and started getting anxiety again.. my stomach pains came back and I’ve had symptoms for about 2 months now. Seams like the pain is getting better but I feel a nervous stomach constantly over the thought it may be something else. Anyone else has IBS and can dice me some feedback? I’m terreffied !

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Lvdmarte76, the anxiety guru Claire Weekes wrote that the stomach is the most sympathetic organ in the body to anxiety. Which means that if you have anxiety it's more likely to affect your stomach and bowels than any other organ.

The fact that these IBS symptoms began exactly at the time you started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks strongly indicates that your IBS is in fact a symptom of anxiety. However, it's important to talk this over with your doctor to be absolutely sure.

I have had stomach/IBS pains and was actually diagnosed with IBS though I knew it was really down to anxiety.

The way forward is to pay less attention to your symptoms whatever they are and concentrate on the cause of your symptoms which is anxiety disorder or to be more precise health anxiety.

If you take the symptoms too seriously you start to pump out fear hormones and these maintain your nervous system in a state of over sensitisation. To recover you need to accept the IBS symptoms and the panic attacks for the time being calmly and with a minimum of fear. Just accept them for the moment knowing they are nervous symptoms not genuine physical illness. So they are not life threatening and aren't able to harm your mind or body.

When you learn to accept, your nerves get a rest and with time they recover. So there's absolutely no reason to be terrified, be reassured that the bad feelings and IBS will resolve in time so long as you accept them for the moment rather than stress and obsess about things.

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Thank you so much for all of this information. I’m planning on going to see a doctor soon, I get married in 3 weeks and don’t want to go thru all of the tests now, but will for sure get seen. The symptoms always start when I have health anxiety. Every time I get sick, no matter what it is.. I start thinking it’s something bad and my stomach pains start. They last a long time .. months.. they are never in the same place.. it moves around all over my stomach. By the belly button, sides, loose stools, days of diarrhea, days of constipation, itchy stomach inside, back ache, feeling of nedddles... it’s all so overwhelming .. and Makes me feel like my life is ending!

I hope I can learn to ignore these symptoms .. I really want to feel good for my wedding.

Thank you again, I will take your advice


The reply that jeff1943 gave is pretty much what I would say. I was diagnosed with IBS after having a stool culture and endoscopy to rule out other causes. I was told that IBS is caused mainly by anxiety and stress 😐


Hi I’ve had a diagnosis called functional disorder which may remain unexplained?linked to anxiety and depression I have I.b.s and chronic pain ,but the I.b.s flares up when I get into a right tizzy .

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Can flare ups last months? I’ve had pain almost every day for about 2 months. I feel like it’s getting better, but most days the pain comes at least once.


yep, had this as well and I had to rethink my eating habits. Its really a tough lesson but yes, anxiety is part of the IBS situation. Eat bland foods for awhile and bananas help. Try to keep calm as much as you can and read up online for natural solutions to help you. Remember, Anxiety is not going to hurt you. its a discomfort, but look at it a different way from now on. Anxiety is your bodies response to danger and its there to help. Obviously, we dont need that much anymore so accept it and keep positive. I know, I am dealing with it too and Its my plan as well. Best of luck

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