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Agoraphobia defeated

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I have won the battle against agoraphobia.

I can go out for walks,to the dentist and hairdresser and even the supermarket.

My god things have changed so much,you know you can get your groceries and go thru and pay without and checkout person swiping the goods cos u do it yourself.

It’s crazy 😝.

I still get anxious from time to time but my hypnotherapist has helped me to deal with that thru “positive thoughts”.

My other therapist,the one of got the “hots” for , has retired from work(rich bastard) lol 😂.

No matter I just feeling the best I have in many many years.

Yay 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😜😜😜😀😀😀😀😇😇😇

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Jenny will you share the journey to this freedom?

Indigojoe my journey was difficult. I developed agoraphobia because of being violently assaulted on my 40th birthday. From that point on I started to withdraw myself from everything, a way of protecting myself. Then it got progressively worse as I developed anxiety and depression.

Now to the recovery I tried everything from medication to therapist and it didn’t work, then I gave up trying for a period of 3 years and fell deeply depressed and at the point of suicide.

Then I found this forum and it changed everything. I begun to realise I wasn’t alone and there is a way out I just had to be open to the cure.

Hypnotherapy done by the right hypnotherapist can work magic as long as your willing to open your mind and let it,along with a regular therapist I started taking huge steps forward.

You see anxiety is a for me was bought on by my assault and I had to get my brain to stop thinking the worst and realise I’m ok 🙂 and I’m safe. Anxiety is nothing more then our brains playing tricks on us. Hypnotherapy gave me positive thoughts and relaxation methods such as counting down from

10 or doing some yoga or meditation.

The cure for anxiety is to retrain your brain. Cos there is nothing wrong with the rest of our body.

Best of luck

jennylove, it is an unbelievable feeling isn't it? Continued success in living again and enjoying everything life has to offer. Life is Good :) xx

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jennylove12 in reply to Agora1

It’s the best feeling ever. 😇😇😇😂😂😂😂

Good go you, Jenny! That's great to hear!😊😊😊

Best I've read today. Deserves a full "Alleluia" chorus! :)

So glad you’re getting back out into the world !!! That’s amazing !

I'm so happy for you. One day I'm going to get there.

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Agora1 in reply to valachia-t

You will get there valachia-t, in your own time. Never stop believing that. :) xx

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valachia-t in reply to Agora1

Oh thank you Agora1. You are so sweet. You always have something good to say. You are so thoughtful and encouraging. God bless you.

You will get there. Be positive. Be strong and get your wings ready to fly away

Ok. Thanks

God Bless!!! This is amazing and give hope to the rest of us!

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jennylove12 in reply to xo_haili

You can do it as well. Nothing is beyond u.

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