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I was having a ok day I was just laying on my bed not thinking about nothing not worrying for once just on my phone when my heart just fluttered so much and it was catching my breath what I mean by fluttering I think it's like where ur heart feels like it's and backflip or its vibrating.. Now I'm in a panic again. Can my heart just do that? Can it flutter without having a heart condition? What is this help please , hope everyone on here is ok x

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I get this a lot, but it's really just the start of my anxiety attacks, and they can and do just randomly pop up. Even when I think I'm doing fine. If you're worried about it go to the doctors or even just a phone consultation. I have a heart murmur, which means it beats slightly irregular, but it gives no problems. It's quite common.


It's just so scary!! I'm under a cardiologist atm anyways they said they don't think there is something wrong but they will do all test will get all the results in June or July gotta have test in April n may x


It's normal to be worried about tests etc. It's good that you're getting it looked at though. Our bodies are strange things and are constantly worrying us with pointless random pains. I get chest pains, heart flutter pains, I even get lower back Sharp pains. I'm completely healthy. It's all anxiety. Sucks.

Just read your post about Sharp pain in lung area, I get that. Costocondritus, simple inflammation, no heavy lifting. Nothing to worry about.

Hope you get the results you want though. :)


I get the same!!! My hearts racing all the time aswell, did u have test then? What did they say , iv got to wear a heart monitor for one month some time. Thank you anxiety really does suck wish I could take it away from me and everyone else that suffers x


I didn't get any tests, they found it when they were doing a routine check at the doctors. Got a second doctor in to check, and just explained its slightly irregular, but nothing to worry about. It just feels uncomfortable sometimes.

Yeah wish we could all get rid of it.


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