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Hi everyone. I just need someone's advice.. I haven't formally been diagnosed as having anxiety or anything, although people keep telling me this is what i'm feeling. For about a month now, I've been getting heart palpitations, fast heart beat & an awareness of my heart beating. Along with this, ive been getting bad pains in my arms and general fatigue. Also, I constantly have the feeling that I can't get enough air into my lungs, like it's not going deep enough :( anyone's advice is greatly appreciated. I've been to A&E twice with the heart problems, and they can't find nothing wrong with me :( i'm starting to get annoyed/panicked/worried now :/


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  • Sounds like anxiety to me and as long as you have been checked professionally then I think it stands a good chance.

  • I agree it does sound like anxiety there is so much advice out there and on here. You're not alone here I suffer the same symptoms you describe. I would look at this self help guide it explains a lot but trying to control your breathing will definitely help. Good luck and let us know how it's going.

  • Thank you guys for answering :) woody1875, yeah i've been to the doctors but he's never really said that i have anxiety, if you know what i mean? also, can you get anxiety symptoms even when you don't feel anxious? As i don't really understand where the symptoms have come from to be honest :(

    hollow, thankyou!! i'll take a read of that now :) it really gets me down, because I constantly feel like there's something seriously wrong with me that the doctors have missed, as I never ever used to feel like this :/

  • I came up with every possible diagnosis I could to explain, convince myself this was not anxiety at at least not all anxiety. My anxiety has lessened since I've dropped all that and concentrated on accepting and getting through it. I know it's really difficult in the moment to accept you are not having a heart attack or stroke or you have some unchecked health problem, a diagnosis that's not been picked up on. If this has only been happening recently then do your best to address it for what it is as anxiety left unchecked, as just looking at this site will show, can go on for decades. Don't let it do that to you, there is help and advice out there look for what is best for you and don't let it take root.

  • Definately anxiety/panic attack if your not getting or feel your not getting enough air in your lungs, seems you hyperventilating. Best thing to do is speak with your GP explain that you have ask questions and does he/she think it is panic attacks/anxiety. Im fairly certain it is but always best to get checked for that. Good luck. x

  • Hi I had those symptoms so had ECG's. I do suffer from anxiety but palpitations were due to too much caffeine so I've cut it out and been fine since. Hope that helps.x

  • Hi, As others have said defintely sounds like anxiety, and there sounds like an element of health anxiety too, i've had preoccupations with heart rate for years and issues with breathing, and almost 'over-focusing' on my breathing. It's a vicious circle that the more you get anxious about it the more the physical symptoms you get. CBT or something similar may help, Anxiety UK would be able to advise on that more than me, and perhaps try talking to your GP about it too. Best wishes.

  • thankyou everyone! yeah the palpitations are very very scary, i've cut out caffeine but i still seem to get a fluttering feeling in my chest, or the feeling as if im about to have a palpitation! i've had two ECGs and the docs say things are fine, although I didn't seem to have any symptoms during the tests. i'm on the waiting list for a 24hr monitor though, so that will route out anything sinister. bach's rescue remedy has been recommended to me, has anyone tried it or have any reviews? :/

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